Emperor of Hemp

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Whether you’re already a true believer, or you’re still not quite convinced, or you just plain haven’t been paying attention, “Emperor of Hemp” will open your eyes and mind to the true history of the incredibly beneficial hemp plant and to the dark secrets of marijuana prohibition. Film contains startling information from Jack Herer’s best-selling cult classic book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” Includes powerful narration by Emmy-winner Peter Coyote and outstanding musi… More >>

Emperor of Hemp

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  1. It’s a bit too brief– it’s the one time in my life where I thought a documentary could of been longer … It left me wanting more.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Very informative. I was shocked to see the bonus footage of the government encouraging farmers to grow hemp. It was for the war but it was surprising to see.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. This is a great video, very informative. Like a condensed video format of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Great buy, I recommend it to anyone.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. This documentary showed me information of great interest and also it showed me the great work a man can accomplish if he gets the right idea and the right time to do it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. One need not use marijuana (I don’t), nor be interested in drugs, to find this movie fascinating for the history, politics, misinformation, and corporate profit motives that are unveiled. I wish it had gone further into the true politics and economics of drug laws and the war on drugs (don’t be gullible enough to think the government gives a d*** about protecting you).

    Jack Herer’s story is quite interesting, and the heroic portrayal of him surely rings truer than of, say, George W Bush, but I’d rather have seen more details about political corruption and social costs.

    While millions die from tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs, this one plant has been vilified for very different reasons. I subscribe to the movie’s “conspiracy theory” that it relates in part to the competition with profitable oil-derived synthetic fibers and tree-based paper, both of which were mostly made from hemp until 100 years ago. The U.S. Constitution is written on hemp paper, and George Washington encouraged all patriots to grow it, as did the 1942 USDA film, “Hemp for Victory.”

    The prohibition against this useful crop is very analogous to the British prohibition against Indians making salt from sea water, which Gandhi famously disobeyed. Thoreau would be proud of this movie’s portrayal of the duty to civil disobedience.

    So we pay billions of dollars of tax money to prosecute and incarcerate marijuana users who harmed no one while prohibiting cancer & AIDS patients and others from an unusually safe and effective herbal remedy. 14 million man hours of incarceration and parole, according to the movie. What could we have accomplished with 14,000,000 hours of work and all the money spent on those jails?!?

    The politicians belong in jail, and the users, by and large, probably have much higher moral character. Watch this movie with an open mind, as if you’d never heard of the crop, and you’ll be stunned at the callous waste and stupidity (if not greed).
    Rating: 5 / 5

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