Edge of Darkness – Trailer HD

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Director: Martin Campbell Cast: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, Shawn Roberts, Bojana Novakovic, Frank Grillo, Gbenga Akinnagbe

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  1. hoooyaaaa… this movie is the s*** .. I saw it online at My Movie Booth . com – enjoy!

  2. So is he killing all the Jews that stole money from his daughter?

  3. @melgibsin his career is over, face it

  4. good movie i loved it sooo much . i really recommend it from movies.ovemedia. com

  5. BRAVEHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. where can i download?

  7. Ohhh this looks really good! Can’t wait. Reminds me of the movie Taken. That was really well done. Not

  8. I thought this movie was gonna be a straight up revenge story. Looks like a bit of conspiracy if in there.

  9. A sensational actor and a true hollywood hero..

    LOVE it or HATE it..


  10. Gibson is amazing! Just saw it pre-release at FreeMoviesQuick. com. I like that I can see it before it’s out.

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  12. “cases like this are never solved – you just never can connect A to B ”
    ‘ How do you know that . .? ‘
    ” Because I’m usually the guy who STOPS you connecting A to b “

  13. Yeah hey … just watched the entire movie here: My Movie Booth . com

  14. the movie isnt that good. I saw it today (pre-release).. The end isnt good, im not gonna tell u, if u want to know, u can send me PM..

    It’s easy to understand and i give it a 6/10

  15. this will be another box office hit… from Martin Campbel
    Let us welcome Mel Gibson – the unbeatable superstar.

  16. you do realise that this movie is based on a 25 year old tv program?

  17. There was a moment in this movie where I completely lost my mind…freaking out is so awesome, no movie ever moved me like this one. I saw it at movies.ovemedia. com

  18. I think you can watch it online for free y online @ MOOV ZON ,COM
    g00gle the link above

  19. 2:12 looks like the same torture scene in ‘law abiding citizen’.cant these people be original anymore.

  20. 1:41 – 1:44..what does ray winstone say?.it sounds like he has gravel in his throat.

  21. incredible movie. I was impressed with the trailer, and finally wathed it fully and fr33 at FreeMovieZone.n e t

  22. Hahahaha, This is funny. Pedophile THOUSANDAIRE must have learned about the Jonas Brothers when he was picking out children to rape at a pre-school… lololol

  23. Just posting again because I like watching THOUSANDAIRE try to impress others on you tube, even though he’s just embarrassing himself. Pure entertainment. Take another shot at it THOUSANDAIRE. Good luck again..lolol

  24. Wtf? Look at this man go… hahaha

  25. Looks like a great movie. Payless DVDs

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