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The dualshock 4 wireless Controller features familiar controls, and incorporates several innovative features to usher in a new era of interactive experiences. Its definitive analog sticks and trigger buttons have been improved for greater feel and sensitivity.

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At first when I got it, I assumed everything was fine, but i quickly noticed that there were a couple things off about the controller. It might have been my paranoia, but I dont think these controllers are authentic. My right analog stick has stopped working within 4 months of me buying the controller. I had my original controller for years before it stopped working, and this one didn't even last half a year. I don't understand how that is possible. I bought one from Best Buy on Black Friday and compared, and there are minute details that are off with the touch pad and the directional pad. Additionally, the serial number label on the back of the controller is different than the other controllers I have (two I bought from Best Buy a couple days ago). I recommend buying from the store...these are not the wave!
For some reason these controllers from Amazon just aren't the same as the ones from wal-mart. They're lighter, the analog sticks are so loose, no stiffness at all, they just flop around, and they all die on me within a few months. There must be different manufacturers involved here.EDIT; By die I mean they quit holding a charge for more than like 30 minutes. I have a wal-mart one that I bought when my PS4 that is a year and a half old and it's analog sticks are still nice and stiff, it still holds a 5+ hour charge, meanwhile I've gone through four of these and have no intention of ever buying another one.
For the untrained eye let me teach you how to spot a real Dualshock 4 controller from a fake1. Does your controller touch pad in the middle make a loud clicking sound uppon pressing down? If Yes then its a fake, original ps4 controllers have a smooth soft click when pushing down the touch pad2. Original controllers always have an orangy yellowy light turning on and off when charging.. ALWAYS, unless its fully charge. If uppon chargung your controller the light turns orange or yellow then turns off and doesnt keep repeating the process but it is still charging while there is no light to indicate that the controller is charging then its definitely a fake. If you are not to sure, make sure there is only 0,1, or 2 bars left before charging because some controller wont charge if they are at 3 full bars and wont go down a bar untill an hour or 2 pass by depending on the vibration and button movement. To check battery status you can just press and hold the playstation button down.3. And one of my favorites is when you turn on your controller keep an eyes on the light in back of your controller as it lids ups, should take a second or 2 to fully turn on. If it flickers when the light is turning on or the light lags or looks like it struggled to turn fully on, it is 100% fake. Easiest way to spot a counterfit.4. Only for the super fake ones the sony sticker on the back of the controller will not be straight or the sticker on the back is already pealing off on its own.There are other ways to find out if dualshocks are fake but you have to have a little more experiance with fake controllers, if you do have experiance here are some extras in case you dis not know. Make sure your buttons are not sticking out to much and make sure the PS button is not a little off or the texture of the controller is off. Check analog sticks,button texture and the color of the sony sticker in back of the controller between L1 and L2.

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