Dollhouse: Season One

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From Joss Whedon comes a new groundbreaking show starring Eliza Dushku as Echo, an operative in an underground organization that provides hired personas for various missions.

Disc 1: 230 Minutes
Forced Trailers: Wolverine, Joss Whedon Properties Trailer, I Love You Beth Cooper, Nobel Son, Wrong Turn 3, The Keeper Ghost Episode Commentary with Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku The Target Stage Fright Gray Hour True Believer
Disc 2: 230 Minutes
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Dollhouse: Season One

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  1. I mean really! You’ve got a bunch of people being mind controlled, they is no central core story, and all the dolls do is sleep around, with the occasional fight here or there. Brainless junk!! Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles is by far a more substantial show.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Congrats to its handfull of fans and it’s retarted network (fox) for bringing back such a ‘yawn’ fest program, a show who its creators are desprate enough trying to waste everyones time and bore us to death on Friday nights just to have a steady paycheck.

    With a series with the worst ratings EVER, it was the most unsmartest disitions any network has done this season to bet along with such a ridiculous plan for a Friday lineup (Comedy/Action Drama?) rather then sticking with TERMINATOR, they instead plan to rack up as much as they can on DVD sales, DVR and online streaming before they kill this dull-in-house production after 4 or 6 episodes. Any monkey in a suit would have cut down on its low potentials very much like the dumb shows they introduced today as perfect examples, but no they went down the line to prove how slow they all are with the processing called common sense.

    The movie TERMINATOR: SALVATION could have provided some support to the network but the blind fat cats orchestrating and leading the soon to be new CW network (or worse) are having their little office parties going around praising, “Check out our new pathetic 09 fall schedule and the ratings that will soon match poorly to go along with our hack creations! Go us! *High5s and the cheapest scotch all around*”. Bottom line they went along with a low quality show which will be inexpensively made for its sheep viewers.

    This can mark the network as dead for some of us who aren’t American Idol or House fans. (This is all they got keeping the network alive, how sad.)

    Signing out.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. This has to be the worse show I’ve seen in a long time. The actors are horrible and the writing just seems to drag on. Don’t waste your time or money.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. This show is boring and lame. The characters get their memories erased at the end of every episode, so there’s no character development. It’s pretty much a network exec’s wet dream. I respect Joss Whedon and all, but this show should have gotten the ax. How this stupid show could get a second season, while Terminator gets canceled despite having better ratings and getting much better reviews and internet buzz is beyond belief.

    Also, you only get 13 episodes of this crummy show, and yet Fox is charging you the price of a full season! Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 is a much better value, because it’s the same price for nearly double the episodes. Way to go Fox, you suck!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Television 101 in how to make a show about sex slavery boring. Yes, thats right this show is about sex slaves who have their memories erased so they won’t remember the terrible things their handlers make them do. Oh but wait they do get to wear cute clothes.

    The finale ‘eye-roll’ factor was off the charts due to the horrific dialogue delivered by what appeared to be a first time actor’s class. The dialogue between Alpha and Echo in the episode was some of the worst I’ve ever heard.

    I loved Firefly but this show is/was a true disappointment. Avoid at all costs.

    For great television I recommend season’s 1 and 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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