Doctor Who: The Green Death

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  • The Doctor (Jon Pertwee) joins the Brigadier and Jo Grant in South Wales to investigate the death of a miner whose fatal disease has left his skin bright green. Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION Rating: NR Age: 794051215628 UPC: 794051215628 Manufacturer No: E2156

The Doctor (Jon Pertwee) joins the Brigadier and Jo Grant in South Wales to investigate the death of a miner whose fatal disease has left his skin bright green.DVD Features:
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Featuring the third incarnation of the Doctor–Jon Pertwee’s patriarchal renaissance man–The Green Death is a solid addition to the Doctor Who canon. Origin… More >>

Doctor Who: The Green Death

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  1. Like most of Jon Pertwee’s era this story sent me to sleep by episode two. Terrible,terrible CSO, and as usual, nauseating musical scores. BOSS is absolutely crap. The most pathetic monster/villain in who’s history (seriously, I preferred that green pantomine dragon thing from Warriors). The lighting is atrocious. I could go on and on. Dr Who did not start getting decent until season 14 – I’d avoid purchasing any videos prior to that. I give it one star because it is a very imaginative script and could have worked given a better budget, acting, direction, music etc. The book would probably be better. Otherwise, avoid it.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. yes, dr who is a cross dresser in this one. Thought the story line was good. Enjoyed it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. That is what this story is! It has some good scary elements though, like the green glow. I thought it was a good idea how it started down at the mines and they have a bit of an adventure down there…. But I hate it when they skurt past those… giant maggots! But the basic adventuring idea is good. The things he has to do to solve the mystery! The Brigadier gets involved… it’s really not what you’d expect until you reach the end.

    It’s a bit sad at the end. Jon looked particularly sad, like it was literal.

    Has good elements in it, but I marked it down a bit because of the gross maggots in it! I wish they’d substituted it for some other kind of creature! That is the lowest form of life, and that is what makes the story look a bit pitiful.

    Don’t have dinner when you watch it, alright?
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. The Green Death is one of the best Pertwee stories. The basic story is that a chemical factory mutates normal maggots into “giant” maggots. Giant being about the size of an arm. A power mad computer inside the factory(BOSS)Is in control of people working at the factory and plans to take over the world(What else!)The story is exciting and you will never be bored. The Green death is probably the 3rd best Pertwee story-The best being Dr Who and the Silurians and Planet of the Spiders. Also the BOSS’S voice is from the man who played Lupton in Planet of the Spiders! STRONGLY RECCOMENDED!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. This story is a peculiar ending to this particular season as it does not really fit in the overall scheme of things.

    Another six part story, typical of the Pertwee years, what is of interest here is not so much the story but the way that it sets up the next season, which was to be Pertee’s last.

    As often was the case, the story reflects some of the scientific issues of the time and this is no exception as it deals with the environmental consequences of toxic waste. There is apolitical edge to this story to as it concerns the mine closure and the promise of future jobs as well as highlighting the dangers of working underground and the lack of investment in the pits. This was an ongoing dispute in Britain at the time between the Conservative Government of Ted Heath and the National Union of Mineworkers which resulted in strikes and eventually the country being on a three day week with electricity being rationed to the general public.

    The storyhas considerable merit though it is really a little too long. The attempt to make the show more interesting by giving it feature length time was in itself admirable, but given the financial constraints under which Doctor Who operated, it was not sufficient to make it work.

    What was also interesting about the Pertwee years was the way in which it was presented as a coherent package. The whole thing is interlinked with references to other stories within his playing of the role. In the Green Death, Jo leaves the show when she falls for the handsome young Professor and the Doctor gives her the crystal from Metabilis Three as a wedding gift, which assumes a crucial role in the final show of the Pertwee years.

    One final note. The VHS version was released to mark the death of third Doctor Jon Pertwee who died suddenly at the age of 76 in May 1996. The show originally aired 19 May 1973 to 23 June.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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