Deep Impact

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Street Date: 09/15/09
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A great big rock hits the earth, and lots of people di… More >>

Deep Impact

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  1. The acting is awful, the story without any thrill… there is so much bad I could say about that movie, probably one of the worst I ever saw. I found it so bad and boring that I quit watching it in the middle after the anti-meteorite mission fails. BTW I wonder if there isn’t (maybe unintended) some anti-African racism in it as an America depicted here with all top-leaders (president, etc.) being African fails to protect the planet whereas other movies of this kind show European national leaders succeed? I would not expect this from Hollywood though, so I guess it is unintended.
    Go and get instead a good comedy like Bulworth. At least you will have some fun, thrill, and food for thought.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. This film is so bad that being forced to watch it could be used as a penalty for warcrimes. It is as scientifically realistic as the Roadrunner cartoons and has all the character development of a Geico commercial.

    Out of the hundreds of films that I have watched in my lifetime, of every stripe and quality, this is the first one that was so utterly vapid and feeble-minded that I began fast-forwarding through simply so that I could see the meteor hit and make the big wave. If this film were a sexual encounter, both partners would have fallen asleep during the foreplay.

    Life is far too precious to waste on this skanky turtle of a film.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. We have here a movie that epitomizes everything that is wrong with Hollywood movies: sickening sentimentality, gung-ho patriotic drivel, the completely telegraphed happy ending, and such a persistent effort to be as PC as possible that it paradoxically becomes stereotypical. Did I mention the bad acting and dialogue and the stupid plot? What is with these ‘saving the world at the last possible second’ movies? Please, can we rub out the disaster movie forever? If I see another bad actor outrunning a fireball, tidal wave, or tornado I’m going to smash my TV set.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Whenever a movie takes itself seriously, and acts as though it is going to deal seriously with a scientific subject, then I expect them to have the basic science down. This movie was profoundly dissappointing. I would give them a F minus for the extreme blunders in the science.

    The movie begins with a high school boy with unaided eye in Virgina Beach, VA noticing a strange star that is actually the comet and asking his teacher about it. What????? Where are the world’s professionals? There are thousands of people world wide who search the skies with good telescopes for comets, hoping to find one so they can get it named after them. And a boy at sea-level, looking up through the entire atmosphere, in a light polluted area, is the first to see it?

    The astronomer freaks out when his computer shows a projected impact with earth, his ISp is down, so he and races in his vehicle down the mountain so fast that he has an accident? What’s the big rush? It won’t hit for over a year and a half. He can simply telephone, or wait a bit for the ISP to come back up.

    The USA gov’t keeps it secret for over a year??? No leaks?? No one else in the world ever looks up???

    A manned spacecraft with only a few nukes to destroy the comet? Cheaper and better chance of success to send several smaller automated ships with lots of nukes.

    There is a scene where an astronaut is on the comet’s head and is jumping up and down on a stuck probe to free it. But he should be in microgravity and will only weight as much as a feather.

    And the stupidity continued in scene after scene.

    Armeggedon was stupid too, but it didn’t pretend to take itself seriously. I viewed it as a kind of comedy so I don’t come down so hard on it.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. This movie failed on all counts. It reminded me of one of those bloated ensemble films of the 70’s like Hotel or Airport, with its star-studded cast but no script on which to draw. The viewer is forced to impatiently wait for the disaster to happen and when it does it is so anti-climactic as to make you wonder why you sat through this awful thing.

    Mimi Leder apparently tried to explore the deep feelings of impending doom, but settled for arty poses rather than ferret out what some of these persons might have actually been feeling. Her major problem was involving too many persons so that she had little idea where to go, instead choosing to flash back and forth like the six-o’clock news, which not surprisingly takes center stage in this disastrous movie. I won’t even bother with the gaping plot craters, as I don’t think she even cared about tying her script together. We just get a bunch of cliche images of what it might be like when judgement day comes, and even then she chooses to escape total disaster, setting up one more prop for her majestic president to deliver one more speech.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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