Dead Snow

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Let us begin with two words: “Nazi zombies.” Let us add two more: “Hitler’s gold.” Yes, it’s true. These are the elements of Dead Snow, a Norwegian horror picture that unleashes an undead blitzkrieg across an otherwise inviting winter landscape. The five vacationing med students who have blundered into this backcountry in search of fun have no idea that their actions will draw the attention of the aforesaid zombies of the Third Reich (what these reanimated corpses are doing … More >>

Dead Snow

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  1. first of all I would say that it was a crazy but cool horror film involving W2 history in it even though it wasn’t a real event,

    the fact that a group meets at a cabin some where possably itly, already gets you into the whole storyline.

    but the fact that a man comes knocking at the door and tells them a creepy W2 story is somehting else, when crazy zombie nazis

    attack them.

    my feeling is the graphics were good the cutting up and bashing them over the was original but cool,

    it makes a really good slasher film because the other one that I saw sucked (no offence). the *one on one* with the fat guy was a little weird but at least the girl got pulled through the floor boards of the outhouse.

    bottum line is that I would try watching it in [blue-ray] first

    //by the way it put on good performance for a zombie horror film//
    Rating: 4 / 5

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