Dancing Outlaw Limited Edition

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A revealing portrait of the nearly extinct “hillbilly” culture, focuses on mountain dancer Jesco White’s uphill battle against abject poverty, drug abuse, petty crime and mental instability. In his struggle to live up to his father’s legacy as the finest mountain dancer in Appalachia, he leans on Jesus, Elvis Presley, and his wife, Norma Jean…. More >>

Dancing Outlaw Limited Edition

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  1. After reading the reviews and awards this documentary has received I was excited to watch it with a friend for whom I’d gotten as a gift. After seeing it I was embarrassed at my selection. Neither of us found the poverty, ignorance, and alcoholism that envelopes this hillbilly culture remotely entertaining. Pitiful is more the word for it. Jesco isn’t anyone we can identify or empathize with either as a person or for his struggle live up to his father’s talent which he obviously didn’t inherit. Jesco talks in retrospect about his wilder days which, by the time this film was made, were long over. Jesco sits surrounded by his Elvis paraphenalia with nothing much interesting to say at this point. Jesco on the porch of his trailer talking about his squirrel rifle. Ya. The real story here would have been about Jesco’s father who was tragically murdered in a dispute with neighbors. You don’t have to know anything about this style of mountain dancing to know he was the true master of it. As a final note, perhaps mercifully or not, this film is way too short. In the version I bought there are some boring outtakes and a Part 2 where Jesco goes to Hollywood to appear on Rosanne. I guess Tom Arnold thought this was good.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. I’ve had this on a VHS tape for several years and I’ve noticed people are either horrifed or love this documentary. I’ve noticed the break is sort similar to feelings about Shelby Lee Adams photography.

    I like this film- it’s got great dancing and the mud bog scene always makes me smile (and everyone else who has ever mud bogged!)On the otherhand I’ve got redneck relatives who won’t watch it for fear of being offended….

    Violence, alcoholism, exploitation, and poverty of all sorts exist on every socio-economic level- and I guess if that’s what you want to latch onto when you watch this- then you’ll be offended-

    For myself, I see Jesco as someone who is really passionate about what he’s doing-he’s pretty good at it, and he defies sterotypes- I think the last thing you can say about this guy is he’s not true to himself-

    Check out “Tater Tomater” too if you like this 🙂

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. It’s both. It’s “Dancing Outlaw” and it may very well be the scariest film ever made.

    Dancing Outlaw” is the true story of Jesco (Jescoe, Jessco?) White, the most ignorant, backward, and flat out insane hillbilly to ever cut a rug on top of a doghouse. Remember all of those jokes about West Virginians? Well, those people exist and Jesco is one of them. Jesco and wife make the average Jerry Springer guest look like Ward Cleaver.

    Besides dancing, Jesco likes to pretend he is Elvis, huff paint, drink, and terrorize his pathetic wife (…So I held the butcher knife up to her neck, right? And I said, “Woman! What did I tell you about cooking them sloppy slimey eggs!?”) Jesco is obviously mentally disturbed and that will make you feel even worse about laughing at him. Some might find this documentary to be a bit too cruel. However, I got the feeling that the filmakers actually kind of liked Jesco. It is true, though, that a pretty dark view of humanity is presented here. This is very black comedy and the fact that it is real actually just gives it all a tragic significance. There are a lot of Jescos out there. I have never been so horrified and so amused at the same time.

    This tape is expensive; too expensive for me. If you have the money, grab it. This movie will be THE cult classic for years to come. I thought it was out of print, but there it is.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I have worn out 2 VHS copies of Dancing Outlaw..Freakish,Twisted,Laugh out loud FUNNY..and SCARY all at the same time. Anyone who enjoys the dark side of Americana will cherish this DVD… Jesco and his Kin remind us,” only the strong survive and that’s all”…..
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Outside of the obvious social undertones, poverty, drug abuse and stereotyping that makes one question the economic and social foundation of the Appalachian and American South, it is EXTREMELY funny. Don’t take the word of all the other 5 star votes, get it for yourself. MTV’s Jackass is making a movie about the White family. You wont understand the movie if you don’t see this first.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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