Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon / Curse of the Golden Flower / House of Flying Daggers Trilogy

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Named “Best Picture of the Year” by over 100 critics nationwide! Two master warriors (Chow Yun Fat and Michelle Yeoh) are faced with their greatest challenge when the treasured Green Destiny sword is stolen. A young aristocrat (Zhang Ziyi) prepares for an arranged marriage, but soon reveals her superior fighting talents and her deeply romantic past. As each warrior battles for justice, they come face to face with their worst enemy -… More >>

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon / Curse of the Golden Flower / House of Flying Daggers Trilogy

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  1. Crouching TIger, Hidden Dragon stands, ON ITS OWN, as a great visual work.

    Writers Bin Wang, Du Lu Wang, Feng Li, Hui-Ling Wang, James Schamus have given us a poetic and tragic film with incredible martial arts mixed in.

    Directors Ang Lee and Yimou Zhang translated it beautifully to the screen.

    Actors, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau, Yun-Fat Chow, Li Gong all are wonderful. As is Ziyi Zhang, who has a screen presence that could stand up to all of the greats in the history of movies.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. I’d own 2 of 3 movies in Blu-ray – Golden Flower and Flying Daggers except for the Crouching Tiger. Both the Golden Flower and Flying Daggers are worth to collect as their fighting are exciting, customes are very elaborating and the country the movies they filmed in are beautiful. I also have all 3 movies in DVD format. Hence, I am looking forward just to collect the Crouching Tiger in Blu-ray now.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. I’m so glad they have bundled all three together, seeing as how i dont own any of them.

    These movies are fantastic, i cant wait.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. We all know CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER and HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS are already on Bluray, and most fans of this genre already own those two titles. And it’s fine that SONY wants to release them again in a triple pack along with the Bluray debut of CROUCHING TIGER.. That simpy means you could get all three at a great price.

    But what about the people who just want to buy CROUCHING TIGER? What about the people that already own CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER and HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS on Bluray? I say go ahead and release the triple-pack, but Sony better also offer Crouching Tiger separately on that same date! We’ve waited long enough!
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. First of all, Their bundles are to give people who loved “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” a chance to sample the other two really great movies all in one package!!!. I would like to address the people who like to write negative reviews about products they don’t own or don’t have much information or facts about a product before writing a review. Wait for the product to be released before blasting it. If you don’t own any of the films on Blu-ray yet you should buy this set. I believe these are three of the best foreign films that have worldwide acclaim!!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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