1. I never had much interest in nature-related shows before. But that was before the day I clicked on the Discovery Channel… and saw it. All of a sudden I’m watching ‘Crocodile Hunter’ or as I like to call it, ‘The Adventures of the Aussie who loves nature a whole lot more than his personal safety’. Steve Irwin’s actually getting right in the thick of things, and bringing the missus along to assist! Capturing venomous snakes with his bare hands and proper timing, wrestling crocs to the ground, carefully capturing timid, injured creatures so he can hospitalize them & help them recuperate, and other unbelievable adventures. And all the while he’s telling you, a bit too gleefully perhaps, how deadly the particular species of beast that he’s facing down is, or that you should “never attempt this kinda thing”. Steve Irwin’s gotta be close to clinically insane! It’s the greatest!

    There are those who say that it’s mostly tricky camera angles that give the show the illusion of danger. All I know is, there’s that moment when Irwin’s actually subduing that spooked wallaby, or grabbing that anaconda at the precise moment, or getting run up a tree after being chased by monitor lizards. He does actually put himself at risk for the show. Now is that dedication to your craft or what? You never saw Marlon Perkins go that extra mile for ‘Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom’, that’s for sure! (Yeesh, I’m really diggin’ deep here, ain’t I?)

    Forget about Tarzan or Ric Flair- Steve Irwin’s the one and only Nature Boy!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. *L* Wheter you think he’s absolutely LOST it or adore watching every moment of each show, you can’t help but be interested in Steve irwin and each of his videos. The 3 tapes show not only soe of the more dangerous days ( one tape of all crocodile captures and near misses ) a tape of personal glimpses of the irwens lives ( includeing his mother, father, wife, one sister, best friends, wedding video, and the day baby bendi was born and he brought the film crew to the hospital with him, seemingly to his wifes dismay ) and some of the worst cuaght on tape bits where he and terrie nearly had to cash in those insurance policies. Like when he nearly sat on a rattlesnake or the day terrie fell off a cliff without beign tied to anythign but HIM.

    all these tapes are DEFINATLY with viewing.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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