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Genre: Family
Rating: PG
Release Date: 21-JUL-2009
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A dark and creepy film about family relationships directed by Henry Selick of Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach fame, Coraline is based on the haunting book Coraline by Neil Gaiman. The first stop-motion feature shot in stereoscopic 3-D, Coraline features big-headed, stick-bodied animated characters with huge eyes… More >>


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  1. I hated this movie. It was boring. Visually…it was kind of disturbing. All the characters were sort of ugly and deformed. The story line was weak. I think I fell asleep at the theatre.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. As an illustrator, I have to send a strong warning. THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN.

    This is a demented vile film being aimed at children as young as 11 years old. It’s one of the most psychologically disturbing twisted films I’ve ever seen. It looks superficially like a benign animated film, but in reality, you discover it’s an animated film wrapped around darkness, evil, voodoo, violence and insanity. Please,consider strongly whether to let a child see this sick flick. If you read the editors summary, please note the clear mention of “dark and creepy,” “demonic grins,” “disturbing and intriguing”. Sound like an R rated horror movie? I happen to love horror movies, but films such as those are not aimed at children nor should they be. THIS IS NOT CINDERELLA’S EVIL STEP MOTHER. It’s so much worse. It’s a demented story about a hideous evil entity trying to get a child.

    Sometimes artistic freedom is confused with license. In this case the producer has used artistic “License,” to make a film that is sick and warped…and yes, disgustingly aimed at children.

    In this film, a core element is dolls that are created by an evil being to look like characters being chosen for exploitation…isn’t that a voodoo doll? Oh, and how about the idea of sewing buttons into a live child’s eyes, “It will only hurt a little.” This film made, “Blue Velvet,” look like a tea party.

    Love your children. Guard your children. This is Hollywood once again spewing their twisted dreams on the public. In this case, aiming vilely at children.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. This was a creepy movie. Alfred Hitchcock would be proud. I don’t recommend it to families with young kids, because this mother of three will be having nightmares tonight. With a PG rating, I thought this would be a safe bet for movie night, but was totally creeped out throughout the entire movie. There is nothing fun, cute, funny or nice for young kids to see. It is scarey, gross, strange and just plain creepy. I may of enjoyed it if it was promoted as a horror flick, but since I thought it was a children’s movie, I left horrified that I sat there with my children watching this creepy thing. I hope I get the visions of button eyes out of my head soon and hope that I don’t have three kids in my bed tonight. For those who said this will be a classic…yes, like a classic Stephen King story.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. This movie while found in the Family section of the movie rental store, is not a Family movie. Completely NOT for kids — Coraline “kills” her “other parents”, and for some kids, that distinction between her real parents and fake ones can’t be made — my daughter started freaking out.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. This movie is extremely creepy and you should not see it. There is a part where one of the characters is almost naked. No joke. Her “other” mother turns out to be a spider-like creature. Even for me, an 11 year old, was scared. This movie is not for kids!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rating: 2 / 5

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