Controller Gear Authentic and Officially Licensed Animal Crossing: New Horizons – “Fruit Icons” Nintendo Switch Lite Skin, 14.99, 0, $, .

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Join your favorite, familiar faces over at nook Inc. On their next business Venture! Our Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch Lite skins are a great way to customize, protect and enhance your Nintendo Switch Lite system. For the ultimate Nintendo fan, skin your Nintendo Switch today to celebrate...

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This skin which is the wood version looks really nice and clean on my grey Switch lite.(I love Animal Crossing every since the GameCube and have it pre ordered atm of this review. March 20 can’t come soon enough, lol)But this review is about the skin. It goes on well if you take your time and have good lighting. The insert with the skin shows where to start when applying the skin on the Switch. This helped me some. Line up all the ports before applying too much pressure.Also note I have a glass screen protector on Switch lite screen with the skin applied over it. It looks clean and didn’t impair the application of it. Also the skin works fine with my back cover for my Switch lite as well as in my dock as noted in one of my pics on my nightstand.Also if you have joystick covers like I do. Be sure to remove them before applying skin as they would be too big for the skin to fit over them. Then put them back on afterwords. As seen in one of my pics with them on.I would suggest this skin or any of the others as per your preference for any Animal Crossing fan.You can easily take them off for later use as well. Just keep all the packaging to later use.Hope this helps as the pics above didn’t show the front and back of the wood version.The Animal Crossing hype is real! And it’s almost here for our Switches!!!Wishing you a Wonderful and Grace filled day!!!
This really makes the Switch Lite look great. The skin material isn’t as nice to the touch as the back of the Lite but I don’t think it’ll impact gaming sessions. Just be careful during application. I found it to go on fine and I’m happy with how it came out but it’s not 100% straight and I think it would’ve taken me 50 tries to get it perfect.
I was so excited to purchase this ever since ACNH came out! Not only is it super cute, but it was actually super easy to put on and I’m super happy with the purchase!It is made of a thicker material which makes it super easy to pull off and recenter it on if for some reason it goes on crooked! — I was super hesitant to put it on myself because I didn’t want to be off centered but it was actually super easy to put on and I’m super satisfied with how it looks!I went ahead and purchased a clear case to go on top to protect the skin from scratching or peeling off but overall, it looks AMAZING. — if you love ACNH and thinking about getting this then DO IT ❤️PROS:1) Super easy to put on2) Can easily be removed and realigned if it gets put on crooked3) Thin enough to fit in most cases and doesn’t add much bulk to the deviceCONS:1) Doesn’t come with side stickers so part of the switch still shows (see photos for reference)2) The front half covers the edges of the screen a little bit so if you have a screen protector on and want to remove it then you will probably have to remove the front skin as well :(3) Colors are a TAD lighter in person than shown in photos but not by muchIf you found this review helpful then please hit the “helpful” button below 🙂

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