Controller for PStation 4,Y Team Wireless PS-4 Controller for PS-4,Gamepad Joystick Remote Controller Compatible with PStation 4/Pro/Slim/PC,Dual Vibration/Audio Function/Charging Cable(Blue), 21.22, 45.99, $, .

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🎮Cool PS-4 Controller - The blue ps-4 controller wireless is special design to extend gaming sessions while playing on PS-4/PS-4 Pro/PS-4 Slim console. PS-4 remote control joystick improved the feel of the-dual analog sticks and trigger buttons, enjoy your game with the professional and...

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When the first one came it only aired for a few seconds. After that, nothing I tried could get it to even do that. I thought it was a lost cause, but before I could send it back, the seller asked me how it was working. I was honest and she was wonderful. She had a new one coming my way before Amazon had received the one that didn't work. She shipped it special and it arrived in two days. The new one works! It's a nice controller, a little too slick, but everything works perfectly. I'm glad I purchased this one
If you want a controller that is an exact replacement for a ps4 controller, this one is it. The only issue is that there were no instructions included. I had to look at customer reviews to determine how to get it to operate with your ps4 console. It was easy to do, and works perfectly. I see there is a chip upgrade in 2019. Since I bought this in Jan 2020, I assume it has the upgraded chip. Very satisfied.
This controller works well but has a different feel than the Sony controller. It wasn’t hard to get use to though.

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