Controller Battery Pack for Xbox One, Rechargeable Battery Pack for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Controller, 3×2550 mAh with Rechargeable Battery Charger, 24.10, 29.99, $, .

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The 3x2550mAh Controller Battery Pack for Xbox One is an upgraded version of BEBONCOOL rechargeable battery pack. 2+1battery design to provide full game time for Xbox one hardcorn gamersFeature 1. 3x 2550mAh battery pack design 2. Rechargeable for 2000 times per battery 3. Inteligent chip design...

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This rechargeable battery pack was a lot better than I expected. I did order it because it claimed to have two to three times the battery life of all other similar products on the market, with similar or cheaper pricing. It was almost too good to be true. The normal 800/1200mAh battery packs you get from other sellers only last 8-12 hours, and only come with two battery packs. This one has 2200mAh, lasts 30+, gives you 3 battery packs, is compact, has LED charging indicators, and all that for 19.99! Singlehandedly beats everything else on the market.
Okay so let me just say I’m not a crazy gamer that games all day. But I game for about 4-5 hours a day at least. So I bought this on the 1st and it’s currently the 15th. I’m still on the first battery pack !! That’s easily 25-30hrs of gaming and this thing is at half battery. I love it because I used to use Rechargable batteries and even those didn’t last this long. These are also great because you can just leave it plugged into the port on your Xbox it takes about 40 minutes to charge. I haven’t gotten to see if the other packs last this long because this one hasn’t died yet but so far I’m not disappointed
Well I have been bed ridden for a foot surgery. I fully charged my new batteries and tried it. So this 1550 ma battery only last about 10 hours of full play time.Charged it and put it on the controller at 9:55 am and played all day.At exactly 8:35 pm I got a low battery warning on Xbox for the controller.Now my original rechargeable batteries that are the different type, those actually last me about 30 hours. I don't know what ma those are.I play so much I already maxed out the amount of times you can charge and that's why I bought these...Ohh well I have 3 incase. So they only last about 10 hours..

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