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One of the most controversial films of all time, ‘COMING SOON’ is quickly becoming an underground classic and has already made history as the film that sparked a Bestiality-Rights revolution!Born in the depths of the European underground, and brought to life by American Director, Sir Tijn Po, this award-winning feature debut has been drawing accolades from a slew of international thinkers, audiences and critics alike: “Hilarious and disturbing…
entertains while raising … More >>


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  1. i beleive this zoophile documentry. helps non zoos understand the lifestyle and noing other humans that deeply love animals .as human do to one anether.
    Rating: 5 / 5


    I’ve seen critics and fans compare it to David Lynch, South Park, Nietzsche, Svankmajer or Pasolini, but this film is absolutely original and groundbreaking!

    COMING SOON is definitely going to be discussed for years to come, and not only because of the “Bestiality-Rights revolution” it has apparently sparked (that’s a good reason too :-)) but because of the new genre this film establishes. It can’t be described in words – and I’ve read about 30 reviewers who’ve tried – it simply must be experienced. The way I see it, Sir Tijn Po introduces a new way of using cinema and comedy to deal with deep, controversial issues. I eagerly await future films from this young (?) maestro!

    If you only have a NTSC-compatible player you can get an NTSC DVD: ‘COMING SOON’ by Sir Tijn Po (NTSC Version)

    It’s also available through VIDEO ON DEMAND: ‘COMING SOON’ by Sir Tijn Po (NTSC)

    Once you’ve seen COMING SOON, I’d recommend Pasolini’s SALO Salo – Criterion Collection as well as CALIGULA Caligula (The Unrated Edition).
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Some thoughts on the film:

    While I wouldn’t show this film to a fiercely religious grandparent, I think it can benefit everyone else – regardless of religious conviction. I refused to watch this film after hearing the subject matter, but a close friend of mine insisted that I see it and I must say that it was far more balanced and intelligent than I had expected. And hilarious, to boot!

    On IMDB someone suggested that “…this film is as much about zoophilia as ANIMAL FARM is about animals…” (I’m paraphrasing here) and this is pretty much how I see this film. It uses zoophilia and zoophile-rights as metaphors to explore deep and uncomfortable questions and, as Peter Singer said, “It’s hilarious and disturbing, entertains while raising deep questions.”

    Very few film manage to do this and this makes COMING SOON one of my favorites in years and I genuine masterpiece. I, too, believe that it’ll be considered a classic one day.

    Some thoughts about the DVD:

    My player had no problem playing the PAL.

    The menus and graphics are good, not amazing.

    The sub-titled version of the film, which is available exclusively on the DVD, makes it worth it!

    And a great gift for anyone who wouldn’t find it on the Internet 😉

    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. After watching this film on the COMING SOON website ([…]) I immediately ordered the DVD since it’s by far one of the best film I’ve ever seen! I believe it will become one of the historical milestones in the fight for equality and sexual freedom! I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to the over-sensitive or faint of heart, but if you like BORAT, THE DAILY SHOW, FUTRAMA, or Sir Tijn Po’s mentors – Pasolini & Svankmajer – i.e., works that use brutal, sacrilegious humor to make you think about the unthinkable, then COMING SOON will probably become one of your favorites too!

    P.S. I just watched the film again with the original Czech sound and English subtitles and found it far more interesting than the version with the voice-over. To hear the original characters’ voices and intonation lent the film an additional emotional layer.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Be careful about this one – the description does mention that it’s in PAL format, but in a country where we only play NTSC videos, that deserves more of a mention or a warning – THIS DISK WILL NOT PLAY ON REGULAR US DVD PLAYERS. DO NOT ORDER IT UNLESS YOU HAVE A PAL-FORMAT DVD PLAYER!!!

    Rating: 1 / 5

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