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The strike Pack Eliminator Mod Pack adapter adds four Cutting edge, Hyper response, mappable rear buttons to your standard Xbox One Controller. The ability to keep your thumbs on the sticks, and fingers on the triggers, greatly improves your response time in any game. Gain the competitive...

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Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  08-20-2020 so for the past week I noticed static here and there and now for the last few days the controller becomes unresponsive. And if I unplug it off and on it straightens out but happens over and over. I think its safe to say its life has expired. Only lasted 8 months.(UPDATE)Okay, bought this to replace the other pack with the two paddles..totally love the idea and it works great, buttons are responsive and performs top notch....Except 40% of the time in the few days I've had it, it somehow disconnects the connection and is unresponsive, usually starts by making really bad static and doesn't go away by turning it off, unplugging or turning off my xbox, eventually it straightens out but its irritating. With that said, I still love this and prefer it over the other pack.04-05-2020 Okay, its been several months, the issue I had is fixed, after a few days of use the wire seemed to have attatched properly. With that said, I totally love this unit. Makes gaming so much better and it has held up nicely. UPDATE 05-17-2020 really happy with this, I use it often (Played Titanfall and now Apex) the buttons are holding great, maybe sometime in the future they could be a little more comfortable, just a thought. Also, it responds rather quick when mashing buttons like a maniac. Great Product!
My subscription to mod pass doesn't carry over from the dominator. Come'on man, that's ridiculous. 1 star for being a greedy company. Besides that, customer service is good and mod pass is well worth the purchase, but I shouldn't have to buy the service twice if upgrading devices.
The buttons feel nice. Good fit to the hands. BUT THE WIRE KEEPS GETTING MESSED UP. This is my 2nd strike pack. I haven't had this over a week and the sound and buttons keep cutting out and I've tested it with other USB cords now. It's rediculous.

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