City Space

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Pixel One Productions presents CITY SPACE, a candid documentary exposing the battle surrounding graffiti in Vancouver. Director Craig Noble uncovers a world where the line between art and vandalism is blurred. Creative expression and social responsibility meet head on in an articulate collage of fact and opinion as subculture and bureaucracy collide. A compelling look at a controversial issue, this video questions the validity and legitimacy of the construction and contr… More >>

City Space

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  1. CitySpace fulfills what, in my book, every good doc should offer: access to cultural universes not easily attainable by the masses combined with interesting, often contrasting viewpoints on a given phenomenon.

    Here, we have taggers, merchants and police talkin’ ’bout graffiti and what it means to them. Some really cool stuff related here, i.e. a merchant who’s mad not at taggers, but at police, for the state of affairs surrounding the tagging of his business. Indeed, he’s vouching FOR graffiti because it colors a city – gives it soul if you will – rather than having a bland, sterile-grey concrete city.

    Definitely worth the viewing.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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