Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners: The Essentials

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This easy to follow yoga practice is designed to meet the needs of the athletic body and will reduce risk of injury, eliminate nagging aches and pains, shorten recovery time after racing, increase strength and flexibility and improve daily postural habits. Equipment required: yoga mat, yoga belt, yoga block(s), blanket is optional. Christine Felstead’s passion for running has evolved into a passion for yoga. As a yoga instructor, she uses her firsthand insight into … More >>

Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners: The Essentials

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  1. This low-budget, low-quality DVD was too simplistic to be useful for a serious runner who has any background in yoga whatsoever.

    Much of it was breathing exercises, cat-cow, and other very basic yoga poses. Little of it seemed tailored to runners.

    I was hoping for something that would discuss which muscles get overly tight from running and which are underdeveloped–and offer yoga poses to counteract these trends. That is, poses that stretch what gets tight and strengthen muscles that aren’t used much in running, to restore balance and decrease risk of injury. But the DVD never quite got there.

    In addition, I was hoping the DVD would include some serious attention to the core, because strengthening the core can improve running and decrease injuries. But this never happened.

    Overall, a disappointment and a waste of money. Better off perusing back issues of Runner’s World for ideas, which is pretty easy to do at most public libraries.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. As a 60+ runner carrying a few extra pounds I was often stiff and prone to injury. My yoga experience is pretty limited but I found it relativley easy to follow the instucter’s poses in the video. I am definitely more flexible now and am enjoying my running more, with fewer aches and pains. Even if I may not have time to fit my run in every day, I make time to do the yoga workout just to make sure I stay limber. I would recommend this to any runner, especially those who hope to keep running well into the future. Also, the soothing voice of the instucter and the yoga itself helps to keep me generally more relaxed.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. This is an excellent workout with basic yoga poses geared mainly for those with little to no yoga experience, especially athletes who need to stretch more to prevent injuries. There are 4 basic sections: Foundation, Lower Back, Hamstrings, and Hip Openers. The Foundation section (10 minutes long) covers proper breathing, basic standing poses (i.e., mountain), sitting poses (i.e., hero), and some wall poses that were new to me. Exercises in the Lower Back section (11 minutes) include cat & cow stretches (done on hands and knees), spiral twists, and full body stretches (including downward facing dog.) The stretches in the Hamstring section (11 minutes) included seated staff pose, seated forward bend, reclining hamstring stretch, standing forward bend, and wide leg forward bend. The Hip Opener section (18 minutes) has some great lunge poses (warrior 1, warrior 2, pigeon pose, and side angle pose.) The workout concludes with some relaxing reclining poses (goddess pose, “corpse” pose, etc.)

    Christine gives clear and easy-to-follow instructions, and she explains the benefits of each of the poses as well (“this will help you with your balance”, “this helps you maintain proper alignment”, “this pose helps improve your posture”, etc.) I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in basic stretch routines … it’s “yoga made easy” for strength and flexibility!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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