Children of Men

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No children. No future. No hope. In the year 2027, eighteen years since the last baby was born, disillusioned Theo (Clive Owen) becomes an unlikely champion of the human race when he is asked by his former lover (Julianne Moore) to escort a young pregnant woman out of the country as quickly as possible. In a thrilling race against time, Theo will risk everything to deliver the miracle the whole world has been waiting for. Co-starring Michael Caine, filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón… More >>

Children of Men

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  1. i was hyped up to see this film… although filming was good, the acting and plot were very poor. it was a wast of time and definately isnt worth watching more than once… i found watching grass grow held a deeper more meaningful enjoyment than watching this film
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. In reading some of the reviews here, I think I might have seen a different film! The one I saw had only slight resemblence to the book but, even a that, a knowledge of the book was essential if one was to have any idea of what was going on. A sudden pregnancy is the deus ex machina which will save mankind from extincition but, if the characters in this movie are any indication, I would wonder why we would want to bother.

    The greatest mystery of all is how great actors such as Michae Caine and Juliana Moore could be enticed to appear it this dreary (in many respects) movie.

    I would have walked out early on but it was so bad that I kept thinking that it had to get better. So much for that logic…

    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. and i don’t know why people, critics or viewers, would give this movie a such high praise. through out the whole movie, so many old cliched scenes appeared in other futuristic movies, blade runner, the fugitive, the witness…and lot of others have sneakily churned and mixed into this clueless movie. in 2037, people are still driving 30 years ago old car, the weaponries used to fight each other are still the same. the only difference in 2037’s england, the rebels are mainly naturalized or illegal arabic muslins? human beings lose the ability of fertility and one black young woman got pregnant and it’s a miracle and the only hope of human beings and civilization? why england and all the other countries fall into chaos, why? just because nobody can have kids anymore? what a ridiculous scenario is this? why almost all the futuristic movies only painted the future so hopeless and so dark? the guy’s ex-wife is an activist, a rebel, but for what? against what? how the h..l that black woman got pregnant? why a group of the rebels at first want to save her and later want to kill her? what is the purpose of michael cain’s hippy role? owen escorts the pregnant woman running away from….?

    then hit by a bullet in the last escape scene, dies in the small boat, then a ship named ‘tomorrow’ appears in the fog…well, symbolize the human civilization still has hope, just by one kid? does it mean only this black young woman could conceive and she would produce more babies? why 99.9999999…% women lost the ability of pregnancy? does it mean that all the men cannot produce sperms anymore? or all the women cannot produce eggs anymore, they lose the periods, the menstrocycle pregnancy would totally lose around 2037? what caused it? or is it possible that only all the women except one have lost their fertilities but all the men still got their sperms produced normally? or all the men and women have both lost their abilities to produce their next generations? if just one woman and a man could bear child, where’s that man? because without that man, that woman could only have one child, either male or female, she or he still cannot produce off-springs. but if that man could be found and could keep that woman pregnant many times, their children then had to commit incest to produce the next generation. if all the other women lost their pregnancy ability and only that woman still has the fertility ability, and all the men still have the ability to produce sperms, they could make and keep this woman continue to pregnant, there still got the incest problem ahead in the future. but if you believe we were all came from adam and eve, then we have to accept the fact that we are all the product of a long history of incest. can you accept such fact?

    the other logic question i’d like to ask the screenwriters and the director is this: if all the men and women lost their abilities to have kids, they definitely would have lost their hope and would have definitely lost the urge to fight, because why people fight? why people become so selfish and so greedy? because they would like to and have to accumulate more money, more belongings for their next generation, the more, the better. if without children, without their offsprings, what’s the purpose of doing anything? becasue their lives would be the last existences on earth, there would be no sense of trying to do anything anymore albeit fighting against each other or one another, it would be totally senseless and meaningless.

    this is such a stupid movie based on an absolutely illogic premise and scenario. to think how great, how meaningful this movie is would just prove that the way of your think is illogic and senseless.

    as to this movie itself, you better think about it again, there’s nothing new but cliched scene after scene, chasing, fighting, escaping, riot, bombing, bloody gory…so just tell me what else is new? eh…well, you see, the only hope of the human beings is saved by a group of more sensible and generous arabic muslin immigrants. other than this, there’s nothing worth mentioning here.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. What an unadulterated load of left wing propaganda. A two hour lesson of how bad it is to be against illegal immigration. Fittingly, it is directed by a Mexican. Every scene drips with how nobel it is to be liberal. This was like watching a left wing politcal rally. What a crock. I guess if our world is to survive we must do away with conservative values and open our borders unrestrictively. Scientiste and homeland security ruined the world and it is up to old hippies and left wing beliefs to save it.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Children of Men, as you may already know, is a film about a future society (2027), where like V for Vendetta, Britain is portrayed by the government as the last bastion of normalcy in the world, and let me tell you it’s not doing so well. Bombings, violence, and terrorism are common, apparently all due to the fact that several years prior, and this is the crucial idea, women stopped having babies.

    That’s all just set-up though, as we haven’t got to the plot of the movie, which is where Clive Owen’s character, Theo comes in. Theo is cynical about the world, and seems to be okay with just letting it go to the wayside, until his ex-wife meets up with him, and trusts in him a girl, more specifically a pregnant girl (which in a world without babies is pretty rare). From there the adventure begins…

    Well, supposedly, because to me, this is sadly a simple, and obvious plot, and if it weren’t for the exciting action sequences, particularly this one extremely long-shot sequence (which I will say is definitely impressive), then really I’d probably just give it two stars. However, unlike most two-star films I sensed effort and some albeit limited success with that effort, thus my deeming this film as mediocre as a 3-star film can be (instead of the poorer 2-star).
    Rating: 3 / 5

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