Charger for Xbox One Controller Battery Pack, with 4 x 1200mAh Rechargeable Xbox One Battery Charger Charging Kit for Xbox One Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X/Xbox One S/Xbox One Elite Controllers, 28.79, 35.99, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; [For Rechargeable Xbox One Controller Battery Pack] Portable design for xbox one charger battery pack comes with four 1200mAh xbox one controller rechargeable batteries and a USB charge cable, 4 rechargeable batteries with charger always provide...

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I ordered these rechargeable batteries and dock because my last set of rechargeable batteries would not fit in the new Xbox Series remotes. Ordered yesterday and it arrived this morning, very fast shipping.I followed the back panel input of 5V 2A USB charging which happened to be the same output as one of my phone charging blocks. The batteries completed their charge in less than an hour (I walked away, so I’m sure it was faster than an hour).Putting the batteries in my Xbox Series remote the first time I didn’t think they were going to fit. Very snug fit, see picture for orientation. Once installed the remotes work fine. I haven’t used up a battery yet, I’ve only been playing for an hour with them so far, but based on other’s reviews I expect 5hours or more per charge. With four batteries in the kit that is fine with me; I only use two remotes at once ever, so two batteries are always charged and ready to go.I like the red light for charging and green light is for charged or if there isn’t a battery in one of the charging ports.Comes with 3yr warranty, 45 day return and 75 day replacement. So I expect this product should last a while. I will follow up this review if I notice any failures prematurely.
So this charger and it's batteries work as advertised. Charges reasonably fast (approx. 3 hrs) and with 4 batteris one should never be without a fully charged battery. The playtime seems to be about 8hrs which was expected. I'd have ordered a 2550mAh option if they offered one, but they don't. Still, these suffice well enough.I removed 1 Star for the overly bright lighting that indicates the charge status of the batteries. Waaaay too bright. With one battery in the controller, the empty charging slot shines bright green and in a dark room this light is more than enough to see not just where one is walking, but also that penny you dropped on the carpet. For one thing, an empty charging slot should not be lit at all. There's battery in it, so no need for that light to be on.I mean, what's it indicating, anyway? And the lighting across the board could be dimmed to 50% of current value and it would still be more than visible enough in a well lit room. Or, in case some peeps like this brightness, add a dimmer dial and let your custumer set the lighting to preference. Would be 5 Stars if it had one. Or just dimmer lighting.
Purchased this item to replace my charging dock that held two controllers, this item was a lot smaller and more compact than I expected and fits next to my Xbox perfectly. Received item this afternoon, charged until all lights were green and used battery pack in Xbox one controller for about 7 hours without getting a low battery notification or having any issues. Love this product so far!

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