Charger Charging Station for Nintendo Switch, YCCSKY 4 in 1 Switch Joycon Controller Charger Charging Dock Stand with Type C Charging Cable, 12.99, 14.99, $, .

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It is even more convenient if you own four controllers. Even if you do not own four controllers, but your friends come over a lot and also bring their switch console then it would still come in handy, It plugs in via USB-C port and when it is charging it will show a red light. When finished...

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Overall happy with this chargerTHE GOOD: The Joy-Con controllers fit perfectly in the slot. Easy to set up, and the USB-C cable supplied can double as a charger for the pro controller as well if you unplug it from the base. USB cable can be plugged into the dock of the switch as well, and charge while the Switch is in sleep mode. Red and Green indicator lights on the front to tell you if it is charging or not.THE BAD: While the controllers do fit snugly, it wasn't super obvious if they were seated all the way down. Just make sure to push them all the way down in the slot. Also the LED + - indicator lights on the front of the unit aren't easily seen. in order to see them clearly you need to stand in front of it looking down.OVERALL: A little easier than the slide-in charging stations, this one fits 4 Joy-Cons snugly and is lower profile than others like it. A nice addition to the Nintendo Switch.
My only concern is the light cheap flimsy plastic feeling and LED light indicators that is very dim to tell if fully charged. Only giving 4 stars due to build quality.Notice the red and green lights from my pictures. You almost have to be directly on top of it to tell if it's charged.
Coming from the Wii. we knew that the biggest impediment to family gaming was how quickly the Wiimotes ran out of power. We had a charging station for them, but you had to change out the batteries and it was pretty touchy to get them all charging. Basically, only one kid could get all 4 in and charging. This Switch charger is so much better. Pop the Joy-Cons in, make sure they are all the way down, and they just charge. So pausing a game to get a snack means you get some extra charging time for all of the Joy-Cons without a hassle. I've recommended it to several families who bough the Switch because it's just so easy!

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