Case for Nintendo Switch,Fit The Dock Station, Protective Accessories Cover Case for Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con Controller – Dockable with a Tempered Glass Screen Protector,Crystal Clear, 15.99, 0, $, .

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Feature: 1.Raised Bezel Protection. 2.Easy Push and Release. 3.Full-Body Dustproof Protective Case Cover for Nintendo Switch. 4.Perfect Fit the Dock.You not need to remove the case when your switch in the dock 5.All-Around Impact-Resistant,perfect protect your switch and switch joy-con. 6.Precise...

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Excellent case. Thin enough to fit into the dock with the case still on, even with a few stickers on the back. All ports easily accessible, nothing important is covered up.Note, however that it fits snugly into the dock, so you’ll absolutely want to have a screen protector on your Switch to avoid any possible scratches to your screen. I haven’t had any so far, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe.Only nitpick is that the joy con case makes pressing the buttons to release the joy on from the tablet a little difficult, but if you use a pro controller and/or have a spare set of joy cons it’s really no big deal.
Not much to write about - it's a plastic cover. It docks just fine; not sure why the other comm enters have an issue with docking, but mine works as it is supposed to.
So I waited to make this review because I wanted to use the weekend to test out this new case. This case is nice! The price was perfect for me and around the budget i was looking to pay! The look is smooth, I got the transparent case so it shows the colors of the Switch while still looking cool in the design. The case is easy 2 snap on and pretty self explanatory instructions walk u through how to put it on and how to install the screen protector which is an added bonus. All ports are available and not blocked buy the case.Pros:Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorEasy installationCool looking caseCons: Big fingers have to adjust to gameplay of the case. I wear 2XL in gloves and have big fingers. Its not the same feeling you get when your playing without the case. Hitting the R and L buttons clashes with the cut of the case and makes me use the side of my finger instead of the point of my finger. Same with the X, Y, A, B buttons. You have to press a little deeper due to the case around the buttons. The good thing is its a minor problem that you get over after some normal gaming with the case on.The case is a snug fit into the docking station but does fit and charge on the dock. Another adjustment but after docking a couple of times becomes natural.Overall: After a weekend of Smash Ultimate, I was one with the case! Great look and the confidence of having a case protecting my Switch paired with a decent price and a screen protector along with the case gets 5 stars from me. Will be back to buy other colors in the case to mix and match!!

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