Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch with 2 Pack Screen Protector, iVoler Protective Portable Hard Shell Pouch Carrying Travel Game Bag for Nintendo Switch Console Accessories Holds 20 Game Cartridge, 14.99, 0, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; HARD and High Quality: Designed to make your new Nintendo Switch Console even more portable & travel friendly. High Quality hard shell case protects Nintendo Switch from drops and scratches.; LARGE STORAGE - A large zippered mesh pocket provides...

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I was looking for a more portable solution to taking my Switch on the go when I didn’t need to take my dock etc.I had purchased a large ivoler Switch travel bag because I wanted something to carry my Switch in with the bulkier items as well that wasn’t going to cost an arm and a leg.So when I was looking for a smaller solution it was natural for me to trust ivoler. I had also purchased the tempered glass screen protectors from them, I didn’t notice when I bought this that this also Included them. I could have saved myself a couple bucks had I read the listing, but the case and screen protectors are a tremendous value for the price. I was worried that I’d get a shoddy case on my initial purchase because it was pretty cheap. I found that wasn’t the case, so I was less concerned here and this met my expectations.Ivoler has delivered me some great items at great prices and I feel like my Switch is in good hands without spending an arm and a leg for first party Nintendo products!
To start it all off, let me say that I really, really like this case.The case is durable, has high quality zippers, and is perfectly fit for the Switch, some games, and a few accessories. The case's exterior is a hardened/pressed nylon material that feels like it will provide good protection for your Switch in your bag, as well as protect it in the event of a drop.As for the interior, the lining is a nice soft-touch felt that feels like it will nicely cushion your device. There are slots for up to 20 games (more than I'll ever own, surely), as well as a pouch for some accessories on the backside. A few thoughtful touches are that the game holders flap over the screen to protect it when he case is closing, as well as the internal zipper being a soft rubber that won't bang against your left joycon.Included are two screen protectors which are great! They are perfectly fit and definitely offer good, full-screen protection for the Switch. Unfortunately, the included "dust grabber" stickers left residue on my screen, so I had to do some work with a microfiber cloth I had on the side. The install process wasn't seamless, but they get the job done and can be installed perfectly, with some care (and not using the included dust grabbers, hinge stickers are OK).I give this package a 4/5 overall for one main reason -- the internal carrying pouch could use more room! Just an extra 1/2 inch or so of space would probably make all the difference in making the internal zipper compartment more functional. As it stands, the space can be a little cramped once you put a charger and any other accessories in there. I would keep it to only the essentials in there to make sure you can close the case without too much hassle. I don't have a second set of joycons, but the picture shows that they would fit... I am skeptical with the thumbsticks and trigger bumps, but I'll update if I get a second set.Definitely a weekender travel case rather than "bringing my Switch setup to a friend's house" kind of deal. That said, I would definitely recommend and buy again. It's a great product, just don't expect it to be your one-stop shop for holding all your Switch stuff!
Nintendo Switch Case with 2 Pack Screen Protector, Built-in Stand iVoler Protective Portable Hard Shell Pouch Carry Traveler Game Bag for Nintendo Switch Console & Accessories holds 12 Game Cartridge This case has really excellent build quality and the addition of the 2 screen protectors really helps out in protecting my switch (already applied one of them as in the pics). However, I didn't find much value in the case's switch stand because it was quite a hassle for me to strap the switch on; plus the view angle which wasn't favorable (and non-adjustable), so I ended up using the Switch's built-in stand instead. I also found that not much could be inserted in the upper compartment aside from cables due to the unnecessary extra padding from the case's switch stand. I tried fitting in two extra joy cons and they didn't fit.Overall, given the price, it was still a very well-worth purchase for me. The screen protectors alone already strike a $5 value.

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