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Carnival Games brings the Party back for the entire family – now for the first time on Nintendo Switch With both fan favorite and brand new mini games all in one package, Carnival Games offers fun for everyone and can be played alone or with up to three others. Hit home runs, pile the highest...

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My son loves skeeball and bowling, unfortunately both of these games need to be unlocked by playing more of the mundane games the collect tickets (in game currency) to purchase said games. Needless to say, my son doesn't want to play and now his 31 year old father has been playing home run derby non-stop in an attempt to unlock the games he wants to play... Now, I don't really mind this to much as I am a gamer and well, home run derby is pretty sweet, however 2k should have really had an option allowing parents to just simply unlock games so your kid can just play what they want to play without the hassle of going through hours of H.R.D.Regardless, I can see this game being a 4 star game ONCE the games are unlocked, its a shame that so far no games make use of the built in technology like Wii Bowling... this is more just press the x button and move the joystick... simple enough for kids, but hey, rolling your wrist forwards or backwards isn't exactly "complex"....Parents, be prepared for some home run derby to unlock the games your children actually want to play. Dads, man your 6pack, there will be some long innings.
So I read the reviews. Most talking about having to unlock motion controls or various games. The old one made you unlock games too so I thought eh that's not that big of a deal. It gives me some kind of goal. And heck for $20 how bad could it be right?Well, the graphics are terrible for a game originally sold at $50. The controls and UI are confusing. The games are very basic (not like some of the delightfully difficult games in the original). There are no special game versions like the old one. When you play split screen games, it does a full four-way split even if you're playing with AIs, so it's hard to see. It's slow to load everything. The algorithm for earning tickets is all over the place. You may earn 40 tickets for first place or you may earn 3. And once you do unlock all the games (it took us less than an hour) there's no real goal to work towards other than some weird outfit items. Oh and the games aren't real carnival games. Most are just weird made up mini games with a carnival vibe.Unless this game drops to like $10 do not buy it.
First off, to other reviewers of this game, get over the "have to unlock games" rant. I almost did not buy game because of that complaint. Imagine my surprise when it took me all of 45 minutes of play to unlock all the games. I played each of the unlocked games like 4 times and had earned enough tickets to unlock the remaining games and I suck at gaming.The games are a mix of silly games and fun games with a few really good games. It is a good mix that will entertain children and pass some time for adults. Up to 4 players can play each game and if you play alone you play against 3 AIs at you choice of easy, medium and hard. once you unlock all the games, use can use your tickets to unlock customizations for you game character avatar. Well worth the low cost, only cons are a few of the games are too silly to warrant repeat play and there should be something else you could do with all the tickets you amass

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