Cardio Belly Dancing

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Cardio Belly Dancing

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  1. First the name on the information of this dvd is not the person instructing. Second, I think if you are you are doing a dvd about belly dance – you should know something about belly dance! This instructor may be a good arobics instructor, she was positive and encouraging. However she was clueless about belly dance. I think if she would have tried some actual belly dance moves, her tecnique was so bad she would have hurt herself.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. This is from a bunch of dvds from Denise Druce who has a gym club called “She & Co.” The dvd has intro to both Denise & Kimmy & about the club & the 20-25 min workout. The dvd has nice graphics in the menu.

    Kimmy is also a fitness instructor, no mention of any dance training or experience at all. She teaches you alone in a room.

    She does not teach any common moves, I have no idea what she is doing with a supposed snake arms… her simple large hip circles are VERY wobbly & unattractive. She is a pretty woman, she looks like she could dance if taught & would do decent dancing in a club, but other then that, she has no business teaching anything dance related.

    If still interested, the pace is VERY slow & easy for those out of shape or never work out…

    Check out another product from them to show their lack of knowledge of bellydancing:

    Belly Dancing

    I finally found their site at fitessentials net which has previews of a 5 of their 19 dvds. The preview of the bellydancing one is not the one here.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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