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Crazy funnyman extraordinaire Sacha Baron Cohen comes back from his stint as a Kazakhstani television personality to present us with a whole new running joke, Bruno. Can lightning strike twice for Cohen? Let’s take a look. Bruno is a fashionista par excellence who brings his own unique brand of Austrian fashion to the United States, and finds himself neck-deep in stylemakers and major names. Look for Bruno to run into, among others, Rachael Ray and presidential candidate Ron Paul. Check out …

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  1. lol thats such a samantha thing too say

  2. hhaaha good movie!! totally funny!

  3. lol “Vassup, Im Bruno

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  15. worst movie I’ve ever watched I wasted 2 hours of my life on nonsense
    it really sucks
    for those who watched it I condole you
    and who didn’t don’t even think about it

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  18. OJ simpsen was a football player who killed his wife and went to jail

  19. haha me and my friends lasted about 7 minutes watching that movie cuz we would wet ourselves watching more…it was sick

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  21. itssssssssss tooooooooooooooooooo gayyyy, im not gayphobic but this is tooo much

  22. @Unaaa9 god you don’t know I live in Holland and I know he was a famous sportsman who “killed” his wife all so that where he was accused of but everybody thought he would be convicted because he was black but now he wasn’t convicted because the jury did’nt want to be found rasist so they released him while everybody knew he was giulty he even wrote a book named if i killed my wife how i had done it. Complicated story I know but you can find it every where on the internet it was even on oprah.

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  24. whats so special about the name OJ ? 😮

  25. If i could of starred in any film this would of been the film I would want to be in, ever since i watched it at Movie-archives . n e t

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