Brokeback Mountain

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Directed by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain is a sweeping epic that explores the lives of two young men, a ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy, who meet in the summer of 1963 and unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection. The complications, joys and heartbreak they experience provide a testament to the endurance and power of love. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal deliver emotionally charged, remarkably moving performances in “a movie that is destine… More >>

Brokeback Mountain

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  1. One of the worst films ever made.

    First, the concept of the story is ridiculous.

    A cowboy is more likely to shoot another man in the head, when he makes a pass at him, rather then “imagine” falling in love with him.

    How gross.

    Why don’t these left wing nut cases make a film instead about how to treat these sick in the head gays rather then making them out to be victims or romanticizing this ill and abnormal behavior.

    It is abnormal and for this reason mother nature does not allow same sex individual to procreate.

    Gays are abnormal and this has nothing to do with religion or politics – it is natures way of making sure these defective creatures do not procreate this defect.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I went into this film with the mindset that it was going to be moving and interesting and an overall great film. I however found it boring and pointless. I would like to know how these two fell in love. I would have liked to see more of the emotions that compelled these two reluctant men to form a relationship. I was left with just random mumblings. I have not read the story, but I’m thinking it is probably much better than the film. I can see that there was a good story to be told within, but it was just not explored. I am sorry this movie wasn’t what it could have been. I don’t recommend it. Obviously it found its fallowing, as there are 100s of wonderful reviews out there. This however is not one of them.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Now that I have your attention, I went to this movie expecting nothing considering the media hype surrounding its pre-release. That is pretty much what I got. First, I will admit that the movie is not a bad movie, just amateurish in alot of respects. For example, we have 2 aimless drifters (one who wears a white hat, and the other a black hat..hmmm…) who manage somehow to “fall in lust” one long “hot” summer. At the end of the day, however, we have no idea whether its lust or love, was it just 2 bored and horny men taking care of business or a deep love that transcends societal constraints (something the gay establishment would like us to believe). Well, after 4 years of no contact (during which white hat gets married and has 2 kids based on an obligation to marry a woman–what a concept!, black hat gets married for money to a girl he meets after a failed attempt to pick up a guy at a bar) they reunite….and the rest is history.

    I found this movie overly long and tedious to the point of disbelief. The two characters are in their own way ridiculous. Black hat is clearly an opportunist both sexually and financially who has no qualms about leaving hearth and home to take up with white hat who to his credit (at least for the first half of the movie) maintains his dignity by at least pretending to stand by his commitment to his wife and children. However, by the last half of this movie, white hat seems a bit off since by now its the late ’70s, the Village People are in full drag, and being gay is tres chic..he still stays way way in the closet while black hat is prowling anywhere he can to get off (that includes Mexico, a buddy in town, and God only knows who and what else). Of course, black hat meets his end at the hands of ignorant folk (or so we should believe) that has nothing whatsoever to do with his choices in life….and white hat goes to lead a miserable existence without black hat (he was apparently going to have to do anyway since it appeared that black hat had found someone else and was about to ditch white hat, what a love story!!!)….considering white hat’s moribund personality, this was a foregone conclusion.

    Overall, I would recommend renting this movie for no other reason than seeing how Hollywood and the gay establishment got it wrong. There is nothing uplifting about seeing 2 men in love, or lust, or whatever you call it, lieing to themselves and the people around them to no end other than to make life miserable for everyone involved.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. I’m gay, but I am not convinced that these two Bisexual men are profondly in love. Why,when,and how did they love each other? I didn’t find in this movie. I think their love story has no sense and pretentious. The only best factor of the movie is Michelle Williams’performance. She deserves the nomination in both Golden Globe and the Academy Award. I really appreciate Ang Lee’s the Wedding Banquet,but not this one. In fact, I think Brokeback Mountain is the worst film directed by him. I’m very disappointed with it. I don’t wonder why it didn’t won the Academy Award for Best Picture. In contrast, I wonder why it won the Golden Globe and was nominated in the Oscar.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Anyway, there are still many other gay films better than Brokeback Mountain like Just a question of love, You I love, Farewell my concubine, and the Wedding Banquet.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that movies like this aren’t made to impress, or do anything for the gay community.

    But what they DO is make money for Hollywood and that’s it!

    The movie came out around November/December and I briefly heard of it but no one made a BIG deal about it til

    rumors around the net of Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger kissing in it and of course the natural “are they really gay?” rumors. Those actors are like “Chick magnets” so as a result..a SUDDEN surge in curiosity for people to see this movie.

    Oscar rumors start to leak out, then it’s suddenly a Masterpiece!

    Boy does hollywood know how to build HYPE around a movie.

    This movie sorta has a plot but it takes a loooong time for it to settle in.

    Two out of work cowboys do a summer gig as sheep herders on Brokeback mountain.

    They work side by side, they aren’t even really friends because “Ennis” (Played by Heath Ledger)

    barely speaks much (and when he did he sounded like he had marbles in his mouth and unintelligable)

    In fact, it just seemed like they were 2 guys roughing it outback in the cold,rain,snow.

    There is no indication or “sly” stealing glances at each other to say “well this guy looks to be

    the gay one”.

    While Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) peels potatoes for dinner Ennis is changing in the

    background and he doesn’t even pay it any mind…then suddenly on a cold night Ennis is invited

    into the tent, and boOM! They are gay. Just doesn’t make sense.

    Ennis says ” I aint Queer”, Jack replies “Me neither”. Well whatever it was someone was “poked” big time!

    We figure it’s just a one time thing, but it develops into a 20 something year relationship of hiding,fake fishing trips,

    and sacrifices by Ennis to be with a man that evokes some unknown feelings from him..and he still can’t

    admit that he was gay.

    Again ALL this moves at a snails pace and nothing really happens alot of the time, there is no more love scenes (other

    than in the tent) we only see them laying together and a few pecks on the mouth. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a bad movie just did not live up to the expectations we thought. So if you’re curiosity in this movie was to see these so called “graphic love scenes”, yadda yadda, again in the words of rapper Flava Flave..”DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE”!
    Rating: 2 / 5

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