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  • Let it begin! Get ready for the most totally awesome adventure ever as Bolt, the coolest action hero on Earth, and me, Rhino, his faithful partner and right-hand hamster, set off on a super secret mission! As one half of the Dynamic Duo, I’ll let you in on the action. One day I’m watching Bolt on TV, and the next thing I know I’m working alongside my all-time favorite hero in stealth m

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Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) is the star of the biggest show in Hollywood. The only problem is, he thinks the whole thing is real. When the super dog is accidentally shipped to New York City and separated from Penny (voiced by Miley Cyrus), his beloved co-star and owner, Bolt springs into action to find his way home. Together with his hilarious new sidekicks  Rhino (voiced by Mark Walton) – Bolt’s #1 Fan – and a street-smart cat named Mittens (voiced by Sus… More >>


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  1. It is surprising that Travolta provided voice-over for the dog. Acting has never been his forte. However, the worst of the lot is the voice of the Cat. The monotonous voice of that rubbish woman single-handedly brings the whole movie down to the level of a gutter-hole. I think the director should take a pair of shears, pin down that female and twist out her vocal cords without anesthesia.

    Rhino is a savior, somewhat!!

    Very Very Poor!!!!

    Lady Esteban,

    4 Lines, Lengthy?? Hmmmm! Are you sure you don’t see double? I would request you to practice your “Analytical” quackery on Columbian drug-traffickers’ ! Who knows you might turn them into “model” citizens or at least they can turn you into nourishment for earthworms…

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. When I tried to play the DVD it freezes up and I have tried it on 3 DVD players.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I really wanted to like Bolt. I like most of these types of films. And why not, it is well made with excellent animation, and competent cast, excellent production values, cute characters etc. But the trouble for me is that I just can’t get past the horrible message and subtext of this movie. The dog is essentially abused by his owners. And the movie is essentially about the unwaveringly loyal dog returning to his tormentors. I’m really surprised that more people don’t have a problem with that the way I do (being an animal lover).
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. I would have given this a higher rating if it wasn’t supposed to be geared toward kids. My six year old daughter was scared and sad during parts of this movie, crying uncontrolably during the fire scene. Parents beware. Now that being said, I liked the movie but it is not for little kids. I think Disney could have toned some of this down a bit.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. I wanted to like this. I really did. But it offers nothing new. Nothing at all. And, i have to say, for the first hour the lead character is totally unsympathetic, with no redeeming warmth at all.

    And the set-up, i feel, is completely blown by the first (very good) action scene. How would it be possible in any way at all to film that scene without the dog knowing it wasn’t real? And i realise this is a cartoon, and that i shouldn’t take everything quite so seriously but this is the premise for the entire film: that Bolt doesn’t know he’s on TV. Yet, if this were true, that scene is utterly unfilmable.

    Sorry, but it’s a big, big, big, big, big plot hole; one of many to be honest.

    Anyway, our hero finds himself lost, alone and a long way from home. He enlists a couple of comedy sidekicks to help him get home, well, actually he kidnaps one (highly un-PC treatment towards the cat, btw), the other is a psychotic Scrappy-Doo. He travels across the country. Has a crisis of confidence when he realises he’s not so super after all. Gets the toe curling pep speech common to at least 90% of Disney movies: “The world needs a hero and YOU! are that hero!” and sorts himself out. Then…

    The worst of all, the ‘You came back for me. Why did you come back for me?’ bit about an hour into the film when Bolt goes back to rescue the cat he kidnapped. It’s a horrible moment of cinema. Clichéd does not even come close to the horror of suffering through that.

    Suddenly everyone is friends and the journey home continues. But there’s another crisis of confidence. Bolt’s whole life has been a sham and maybe he is just not needed anymore. Pep talk… Confidence restored off Bolt goes and arrives just in time to rescue his owner from a perilous, death is certain, situation and become a real life hero… Ahh…

    It says something about the movie when the best lines, best comedy and best scenes all come from the supporting cast. The pigeons are the Three Amigos, the rodent is a ‘lemme-at-’em!’ Scrappy-Doo with some cool post-modern hang-ups and the humans are too incredibly stupid to be taken as ‘whole’ believable characters. Bolt is just an unsympathetic Buzz Lightyear (imagine Toy Story if Buzz played it straight for three quarters of the film, but without any ensuing comedy.)

    To be fair, i watched this twice, i really gave it a go, but the second time was with a distinct feeling of being cheated. Bolt is ‘cut & paste’ Disney by numbers and a perfect example of why the industry needs producers like Pixar. Bolt lacks the humour, the invention, the characterisation, the story, the depth, the irony, the quality and the FUN of a Pixar movie (tho, it does look fantastic). Ok, I’m being harsh on a cute cartoon but Bolt is still the wax apple next to Pixars healthy real thing.

    Young kids raised on E-numbers and MRM will love it, it’s all style over substance, Disney fans will love it cause they buy Cinderella 2 and Jungle Book 2. But it made me grimace more than it made me smile. And i didn’t laugh once. It won’t make any best of lists, that’s for sure.

    Very disappointed.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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