Boian 2005 – An Immigrant

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Boian 2005 – An Immigrant

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  1. 1)VIDEO LIBRARIAN, 3 Stars… Recommended… September/October 2004 (Video Librarian is the most comprehensive video review magazine in the world. Website:

    “Comprised of 6 lessons offering instruction on how to pronounce, speak, read, and remember the English language with confidence, English as a Second Language opens with an introduction to the building blocks of the English language. The 26 letters of the alphabet – which an on screen host explains, is made up of both vowels & consonants…. Encouraging each viewer to work at his or her own pace. The program links the lessons to sight, smell, taste & mental pictures to help visualize words. This will certainly be a useful supplement to ESL collections.”

    2)SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, November 2004 (

    “… This video is designed to help ESL students…. The six lessons teach the sounds that have distinct phonetic characteristics and follow specific rules. Lessons covered include: ” Learning &Remembering the Alphabet”, “Pronunciation”, “Blends”, Diagraphs and R Controls”, “C and G: The Soft Sounds”, Diphthongs or Vowel Teams” and “The Rule of Y and Sight Words” This is a serviceable way for upper level, middle and high school students to learn about the myriad of ways to learn the English Language.”

    Rating: 5 / 5

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