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  • There?s no money in a ?real job.? So George Jung deals pot. Lots of it. The blue-collar kid dubbed Boston George spirals up from there, into the riches and excesses of the huge cocaine cartels. And crashes hard. Johnny Depp portrays George, the ambitious outlaw who, perhaps more than any American, transformed powder cocaine from relative obscurity in the U.S. into a 1970s/80s feeding frenzy. Penel

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A briskly paced hybrid of Boogie Nights and Goodfellas, Blow chronicles the three-decade rise and fall of George Jung (Johnny Depp), a normal American kid who makes a personal vow against poverty, builds a marijuana empire in the ’60s, multiplies his fortune with the Colombian Medellín cocaine cartel, and blows it all with a series of police busts culminating in one final, long-term jail sentence. “Your dad’s a loser,” says this abse… More >>


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  1. I did not receive this product at all, I tracked its progress and it said it was sent to me, but I never did receive, I attempted to contact Amazon about this order and there was no reply. I was very dissatisfied and felt like someone stole my money.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Ees great. Dis moovie full of things we can relate to.Dis kina ting happens in real life. It really hit close to home. Except the money. I only make small change. But it would be nice to have all that dough.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. “True” story of a drug dealer named George Jung. “George WHO?” you’re asking. Well, whatever. Somebody cared enough to make a movie of the dude’s life. I am sorry to say that I have seen this movie about a million times already. *Blow* is a 2-hour cliche: the rise and fall of an idiot. Who freakin cares. I am so sick of this story. We get the unhappy childhood, the golden-oldies soundtrack, the groovy clothes, the Drug History For Dummies lesson (“If you did cocaine in the late 70’s or early 80’s, there’s an 80% chance you got it from me” [prove?]; as well as “This is Pablo Escobar” . . . et cetera), the shiny clothes of the Reagan era, forbidden love with a witch on wheels, cross-generational regrets, Oedipal motivations, self-hatred, prison, heart attacks, on and on — I. DO. NOT. CARE. This movie has all the suspense of last year’s newspapers. Director Ted Demme reveals a profound lack of imagination with this picture. Lack of insight, as well: why does he think we should care about this loser? Am I supposed to feel bad for a spoiled-rotten baby boomer who thought he could get away with drug dealing for the rest of his life? The proper response at the end of *Blow* should be: “Uh, yeah . . . SO?” Performances? Mr. Depp looks mighty uncomfortable under some of the worst Rod Stewart-ish wigs ever put on screen — given these circumstances, who can act? (Certainly not Penelope Cruz. She sounds like a gnat. And she’s not even that pretty, if you ask me.) It was also unfortunate to see Ray Liotta, a fine actor, hidden under bad old-age make-up. Final thought: Paul Reubens, sans the Pee-Wee costume; Alan Cumming . . . separated at birth?
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Oh Lordy, where does one start? I believe that first of all every movie should be taken at its face value. Whatever the makers of BLOW may claim, their final product is a smoothed-over attempt to create sympathy for one of the most evil men to ever inhabit the USA. This is not surprising since it is undeniable that many of the people involved in making this movie were themselves avid customers of the odious Mr. Jung.

    Purported to be a biography of George Jung, major cocaine dealer and purveyor of horror and death to thousands of people, the final result is simply a thinly disguised attempt to make people feel sorry for this hideous sub-human creature. If creating a sympathetic public perception of the evil Mr. Jung was not a purpose of this movie, then why were all the details about his philandering, perversions and abuse ignored? Read Jung’s biography and you will see just how far the moviemakers had to hide the truth to create their propaganda piece for Jung.

    With the most contorted “logic” imaginable (and a very strong helping of pop-psychology and the usual excuses for all sorts of criminal activities) George’s life of crime is somehow all the fault of his mother! Why some in Hollywood love to shift personal responsibilty for criminal actions on others says an awful lot about the movie-makers themselves. Millions of people the world over have childhoods far worse than Mr. Jung and the vast majority somehow find honest means to achieve personal success. Why should Jung get a pass because because his mother was mean to him sometimes? Whose mother wasn’t? Misogyny is ascendant here.

    Why should we feel sorry for Jung because his daughter refuses to visit him in prison? Did the director think that there would be a flood of public sympathy for Jung, forcing his daughter to communicate with him? Who knows? But if your father had deserted you through much of your childhood because he was psychotically compulsed to import and sell poison to America’s youth I think that many of you would want little or nothing to do with the guy as well.

    Some think that Jung has only gotten what he deserved. I believe that should he be executed by slow torture a hundred times he would not have made even a down-payment for what he has done.

    This movie demonstrates very glaringly the extent of the acceptance of insane criminal conduct amongst the Hollyood elitists.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. This movie drags. The plot moves slowly. It is typical of movies with an inverted hero, the treatment of the subject is neither innovative nor exciting.

    The high point is seeing Pee-Wee Herman, Bobcat Goldthwait, and that 21 Jump Street guy doing a hit of coke, all together, off a bar while girls in bikinis play in the pool.

    Depp struggles with an amusing, forced, and marginal Boston accent. He seems to have copped it by watching Good Will Hunting about six times. He should have watched it six or eight more times.

    But, yeah, that triumverate of acting talent doing a line, that’s about the high point. The soundtrack is great, and the audio is well produced. But it’s not an entertaining movie, or even a well-told story.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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