Blood: The Last Vampire

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At the Yokota Air Force base in Japan, a nervous American military is on the brink of the Vietnam War. But a greater threat exists within the walls of the heavily guarded compound: Vampires. A team of top-secret undercover agents dispatches a mysterious young woman to destroy them…she is the last remaining original. Featuring brilliant character designs, top-notch animation and a stunning musical score, “Blood: The Last Vampire” is a breakthrough in digital filmmaking… More >>

Blood: The Last Vampire

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  1. Most vampire animes have this cool character that has all the powers and just shows off. Saya is not that character and for those who don’t know this movie was made before the series. The title kind of explains the movie in a way, Saya is the last true vampire. She hunts down imposter versions it seems without mercy. Don’t think of her is being completely emotionless though. The story isn’t pushed in your face and you have to listen closely and look at what they are explaining to you to fully understand it. Most people will write this one off saying it’s just a violent vampire movie. They just took a very different approach. If you like Blood + which is the series, don’t expect this to fall in the same line or you will be disappointed. This movie isn’t as action packed as the series and Saya knows full well what she’s doing. Also remember she is the last vampire which means Diva and Haji are no where to be found.

    I enjoy the dark art work and the story is also has the same feel to it. Saya is alone and the organization she works for has no love for her. They worry more about just putting her in a bad mood. The ones she kills she feels closer too, but knows that something is wrong with the way they live. It doesn’t go into how she ended up being the only one left, but it does show pictures of her past and she seemed happy. I think it was made in a way to leave it up to the viewer’s imagination.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. This may not be the best anime movie ever but it’s one of them. This movie is the reason I checked out the live action film(AWESOME) which is a must see..its brilliant.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Action up neat, horror back, with a twist of drama.

    “What the hell is this outfit?” brings clarity to the genre, as well the story. Easy to see why aficionados expected more from the plastic film version. That film was big fun for me; but it lead me closer to the source. And this is better. It’s a Horror Haiku. Short and sweet. Multi-language. One size fits all. Anime spike on BD. Loud and clear, like a big flick.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. First of all I’ve yet to see the anime series Blood Plus, and have never read the manga so I can’t make any comparisons.. I did watch the live version of Blood: The Last Vampire and while not very well done it had it’s moments. The anime Blood: The Last Vampire looks great, but it feels very short and also doesn’t feel like a movie, but more like an episode of a series. When it was over I was left scratching my head thinking ‘that’s it??’. I’m not sure it’s worth the cost of the Blue Ray currently. Maybe if you can find a cheap used one it’d be worth your money but I’d recommend waiting for it to be shown on TV.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. Your basic vampire is perfectly suited to anime — beautiful, seductive, and opulant.

    Well, most of them, anyway. Things are a bit different in “Blood: The Last Vampire,” an anime movie that bravely throws out most of the vampire preconceptions, as well as plot exposition. It’s not a total success storywise, but it’s an effectively dark, moody piece of bloody action.

    As the movie opens, we see a mysterious young girl, Saya, on a train. When the lights go out, she savagely attacks a man at the other end of the train with a sword.

    It turns out the man was a Chiropteran — a sort of bat-vampire. When her coworkers arrive to clean up the mess, Saya learns that the Chiropterans have infiltrated the general public — and she has to go undercover at a girls’ high school near an American military base. She isn’t happy about it, but goes anyway.

    Saya begins snooping around for evidence of Chiropterans, and finds it — a pair are disguised as ordinary high school girls. But when she corners them, a timid nurse accidentally gets involved in the bloodbath that ensues — and a deadly cat-and-mouse game between the mysterious Saya and her monstrous prey.

    “Blood: The Last Vampire” is one of those movies where the plot isn’t the overwhelming force. In fact, the actual story isn’t much — it feels like tuning into an episode of a weekly TV show, without much explanation for who Saya is and what is going on. And after the first third, the movie is pretty much entirely devoted to “Saya hacks and slashes her way through the school while the nurse screams a lot.”

    But the visual presentation is stunning — every scenes is saturated with shadows and vague, pale light. And while many scenes are quiet and almost motionless, the action scenes explode with kinetic energy, splashes of gore, and occasionally a raging fire. And when Saya jumps into action, the entire world seems to speed up into a blur of violence and splattered blood.

    One thing you have to say — there are no stereotypically pretty, European vampires here. There’s only Saya — a cold-eyed girl who looks like Angelina Jolie’s gothy baby sister — and a lot of grotesque bat creatures, with huge muzzles and big claws. The most “human” person here is probably the timid nurse, but we never really get to know her until the end.

    Since the live-action adaptation is about to be released on DVD and blu-ray, the original OAV is coming out on blu-ray, and it’s pretty bare-bones release, except for the presentation of the story itself — reportedly the OAV is presented in two different formats: the original film version, and a new digital version.

    “Blood: The Last Vampire” isn’t too worried about having a plot, but for splattery action and fast-moving vampire battles, it’s a dark diversion.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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