Belly Dance

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  • Total Running Time with Bonus Section: 57:41 Min
  • Total Workout Session: 30:51 Min

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Studio: Repnet Llc Release Date: 10/16/2007… More >>

Belly Dance

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  1. I must admit that I got dooped by the front cover. It looks awesome, especially if your a beginner. DO NOT BUY THIS DVD, OR PRINCESS FARHANA BELLYDANCE BASIC WORKOUT. Worst belly dancing dvd’s ever. Actually, I have not experienced a “good” belly dancing dvd, since these are the only vids I have bought. You may be asking yourself how I am qualified to rate this then, well here ya go: I am a heavy set woman, neither of these dvds made be brake a sweat, not even a measly drop. It’s been such a dissapointment, I don’t even feel like wasting any more money on BD dvds, I’ll just stick to SHIMMY,I watch it every day on FIT TV for free.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I have bellydanced for several years, but took a couple years off, so I picked this one up as something that looked fun and might help to get back in practice again. The woman who is featured in the DVD has no business representing herself as a bellydance instructor. She doesn’t explain the movements, nor does she demonstrate them correctly herself. I was practically cringing through much of it, seeing how poorly she executed the moves. At one point, she makes several mistakes in a row, then tries to cover for it by saying, “just let your body go where it wants to.” No, I’m sorry, you do NOT just let your body go wherever it wants to in any trained form of dance. Admittedly, she’s got some dynamite abs, but she didn’t get them from bellydance. She hardly engaged those muscles at all while she was dancing, and she didn’t demonstrate how to properly engage them so as to protect the low back while dancing.

    Her sense of rhythm is terrible as well. She doesn’t move to the beat of the music. I don’t understand how that can be since she has apparently taught aerobics for years, which, one would think, would instill a very good sense of rhythm in a person. Maybe she just doesn’t understand the rhythms of non-western music, but in any case she was quite frequently off the beat. It didn’t help that the music was uninspiring and seemed to be on a loop, so that every once in while it would skip a beat, so that if by some miracle she had actually managed to keep on beat for a couple of measures, the skipped beat would throw her off and she’d be flailing to catch the beat again.

    Terrible. Just overall terrible. I sincerely hope that she doesn’t “teach” regular bellydance classes. She had very visible difficulty executing moves that only bordered on intermediate. You could see by the grimace on her face that she was having a hard time herself, and after attempting to execute slightly more difficult moves a couple of times, she’d quickly modify them into something extremely basic, because she just couldn’t keep it up. She also did not use transitions to get from one move to the next, but simply stopped what she was doing and started something else. I could go on and on, but I think you probably already get how horrible this DVD is. Mine is going in the trash. I wouldn’t inflict this on anyone, not even for free.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. This is really bad. She doesn’t break down the moves, but in her defense, I don’t think she even knows how to break down the moves. She looks like she took a couple of belly dance classes, and liked it so much, she made a video. It takes at least a year to develop the extenstion and control needed to perform belly dance isolations in a way that is recognizable. Also, in the “advanced” choreography she doesn’t do any advanced motions or combinations, nor does she connect with the music in any way. Incidentally, the music sounds more like Indian music, which is not the most appropriate choice for traditional belly dance.

    On the bright side, her turns are solid and the costume in the “advanced” choreography is really pretty. However, these two attributes don’t make the video worth your time.

    This video is not helpful for a beginner or seasoned dancer. It’s not even helpful for someone just looking to get a workout. I’m trying to give it no stars, but I am pretty sure I will have to give it one to make this review save.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. If you are thinking about buying this dvd I only have one piece of advice – run away!!! This dvd shouldn’t even be allowed to have the word “bellydance” in its title. It contains absolutely no proper bellydance basics and no quality instruction. Worse yet, what it does contain are plenty of ways to get injured. I only wish I had the option of giving this dvd zero stars or, better yet, negative stars. A one star rating is too generous.

    To anyone who is looking for a beginning bellydance fitness dvd, I cannot emphasize enough that you DO NOT buy this one. If you want a bellydance based fitness dvd consider “Perfect Hips” or “Body by Bellydance” by Michelle Joyce. She is an excellent, safety conscious instructor and her dvds are great ways to get in shape and learn REAL bellydance techniques at the same time. There are also many wonderful bellydance workout dvds to choose from by lovely, talented dancers like Dolphina, The Belly Twins and Princess Farhana to name a few. So, PLEASE PLEASE run away from this dvd and choose another!!!!!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Most of the other reviewers have covered this DVD in a very honest and helpful manner so I will try to focus on areas they did not already cover.

    Firstly, this DVD would probably do what it advertises, in part “firm and tone your core muscles” however, I doubt anyone would be “enjoying this fun bellydancing workout” Ugh! This was the most boring workout I have ever done. As another reviewer noted, it is doubtful that it is even safe.

    The music that is used during the instructional and warmup isn’t even bellydance music. It is new age guitar. The “set” for the DVD is sparse and boring. It looks like a conference room. The only decore is two potted plants on either side of a sign printed “fitness essentials”. The floor is concrete and is stained and marred. The white wall on the right has holes in it, and there are exposed beams above. Very low budget here. The sound quality is inferior to other workout DVD’s sometimes you can’t here the instructor clearly over the music. The camara work is not the greatest either. Often the camara view is of the upper body when it should be on the feet or whole body to show what is being done. The instructional and the first workout are very uninspiring. Slow-moving and of little attraction.

    The advanced workout is more like a performance. There is no instruction here, you just follow along. It’s not even that great of a workout or performance. It would be hard to work up a sweat to this DVD.

    Please do yourself a favor and pass on this one. There are many other wonderful bellydance instructional/workout programs out there. The bellydance twins (Neena & Veena)Discover Bellydanceare a good starting place.

    I am a very tolerant exerciser who can usually find a good workout in just about any program I try by modifying. I’ve also had eight years of bellydance instruction/performance. I have never rated any program one star thus far, but this one is truly the worst I’ve ever seen and there is no saving it.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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