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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; For Nintendo Switch Controller – With Bluetooth technology, play your favorite Nintendo switch games with wireless switch pro controller, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey.; Adjustable Vibration Feedback- Built...

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 I love my Nintendo Switch, but I have never been a huge fan of what the controller feels like. I have been searching for controllers that feel more like my PS4 controller. This one is exactly that.The quality is impressive for the price. The buttons are responsive and don't stick or anything like that. I highly recommend this for people who have a switch but wish it felt more like their PS4 or Xbox One.
This is a pretty nice switch controller to have if you are looking for a inexpensive controller as the OEM controllers can cost a pretty penny. It is pretty easy to pair all you need to do is plug it in and it connects automatically however you are able to connect this wirelessly but it does take longer than just a simple one time plug in. The controller itself feels a bit cheap in material compared to the original controller; however, I am very happy with the performance. I am also a playstation guy so having a controller that feels like a dualshock is AWESOME. The controller feels pretty good in my hand and comfortable. The responsiveness is pretty much on point. There is not drift or lag from using this controller except when the battery gets super low. The connection weakens when the battery gets lower and lower. I was able to play first person shooter with this controller pretty nicely (overwatch game). It also works great for smash brothers and such. The buttons feel pretty decent and they do look a little different from the original manufactured controller and even the dual shock controller. It is not confusing but at least it is easy to get adjusted to. It has a nice blue color. There are light indicators to show if the controller is low or charging the. It utilize a micro USB cable to charge which is a bit annoying considering nintendo switched to type C, but at least the controller can work while being charged. This controller can work your computer but you need to be connected directly via wire. From what I can tell there is no way to hook it up wirelessly without those universal controller adapters. I was able to hook this controller up to my computer with an adapter that allows pretty much any controller to your switch/computer. I would recommend getting a longer cable so that you can continue to play while the controller is charging. The recharge time is what is advertise. It takes about two to three hours to full charge but again it can be used during this time which is nice. You can access options (such as screenshots) and home just like the original controller as well. When it first arrived, I was able to get two and half hours of play time on the initial battery charge. After fully charging it a few times it last about eight to seven hours (calibration took sometime i felt like). On a side by side comparison the controller does little a tad bit smaller than the oem switch controller. Overall this controller is a great alternative to paying 70 dollars for an OEM controller. It works great and can actually wake your switch up from sleep which is nice. It pretty much connects in less than two seconds. One small thing is that when it gets low battery it actually starts to lag and drift due to connection. Also your ps4 may not give an accurate battery indicator for the controller as it is third party. Other than the controller feeling a bit cheap in material, this is a pretty awesome controller.
Ergonomics: 5/5The controller is very comfortable, and is more ergonomic than a lot of third-party controllers try to be. The shape is based on the Dualshock line of controllers, and provides the level of comfort you'd expect from that tried and true design. The size is just right-allowing your hands to cradle the face of the controller when holding the sticks, just like you'd expect. The back of the controller is contoured nicely so that the fingers wrapped around aren't looking for a place to rest. The colored grips on the controller's sides provide a nice bit of texture that ensures your hands won't be slipping, even during tense moments. I had no problem playing and completing levels in Super Meat Boy, my personal high-performance benchmark. The controller has a nice amount of heft to it, and it sits quite comfortably in your hands without the weird lightness that some third-party controllers seem to have. Making the grips out of rubber instead of plastic would provide an even better grip and comfort level, though they're very comfortable as is. The current material is also far more likely to hold up over time without wearing out.Battery Life and Wireless Functionality: 5/5I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of battery life. The controller comes with a charging cord that easily plugs into any usb port, and boasts a full charge time of over 10 hours. True to expectations, I was able to use the controller playing around 2 hours each day for about a week on a full charge, before I was reminded to charge again. Charging time is as quick as any normal pro controller. My switch had no issue detecting the controller during initial pairing, and has had no problems in recognizing the controller afterwards. Wireless play has had no issues, and is indistinguishable in performance from any of my joycons. I was a bit skeptical of the controller's motion control capabilities, as it's not usually a feature I use, even on first-party controllers. I was surprised to find that the functionality is definitely there, and the motion controls actually work very well. The controller had no issue picking up subtle tilts or motions while playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and performed great even on fast-paced 200cc races.Build Quality: 4/5The controller is well-built using quality materials and plastics. The rubber on both analog sticks feels firm, but not slippery, making it more resistant to cuts and cracking. The sticks themselves hit a good balance between loose and stiff, and perform well even in situations where a lot of precision is needed. Buttons on the face and shoulders of the controller feel nice and firm without being too hard, and are not clicky. The buttons are well anchored with the exception of my RZ button, which feels noticeably looser than the rest and gives a bit of an awkward feel when pressing down, meaning it may not be as well attached as the other shoulder buttons. This is a common issue with many controllers, however, and does not affect the performance or comfort of normal play. Additionally, any potential problems can be easily addressed with the controller's excellent warranty and return/replacement policy: 3 years with guaranteed 45-day return and 75-day replacement for any quality issues during warranty period. Rumble functionality works very well too, meaning that the interior is well assembled. Both rumble modes felt distinct, providing either a more intense or more subtle rumble.Overall Satisfaction: 5/5This might be the best pro controller you can find for its price. Build quality, comfort, and functionality are all exceptional and honestly surprised me given how mediocre other controllers at similar price points can be. It's clear that care was taken during development and production of the controller. Throw in an excellent warranty and return policy, along with lifetime support for the controller's software, and you have a must-buy accessory for any Switch owner.

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