Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series

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Now you can relive every action-packed moment of the epic story that Entertainment Weekly proclaims “Riveting”! Rejoin the fight to save the human race as a small but determined fleet quests for the fabled planet Earth while being hunted by their nemesis, the robot cylons. Presented uninterrupted, experience the phenomenon from beginning to end!… More >>

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series

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  1. It really shouldn’t be surprising that the wheel has turned though. Back in 79 or 80 when the original Battlestar Galactica ran for one season, it was a hard-nosed sci-fi action series set in the deep of space and aimed at males. And yes, there were a couple of cheesy episodes, but for the most part the shop was pretty hardcore sci-fi. (Now, Battlestar Galactica was actually re-done a year or so after the original 79 season with a few of the original case members but set on Earth, that 2nd version of BSG was huge mistake and was absolutely horrendous). Why do tv shows completely change concepts when they have a successful show? Who knows? The same thing happened with Buck Rogers, great 1st season, then the show is completely re-written and, viola! terrible season 2.

    As for the newest version of the show (the 3rd version) with Edward James Olmos, in keeping with the new concept of making it primarily a show designed to attract a primarily female audience, the role of Starbuck was re-written as a female character, who surprise! acts just like the male version, (ie: likes to fight, play poker, beat up the male characters, chew cigars etc). The special effects are very solid, and the ships look pretty believable, the show does exchange the old shows sense of adventure and exploration, for numerous romantic encounters though (you might begin to think you are watching Desperate Housewives). I do think the show made a big mistake in changing the origin of the Cylons. The new show has revised their origin, and instead of mankind encountering a machine race out there in the depths of space desiring to eliminate all non-machine life (a pretty cosmic idea), the new show suddenly decides that the Cylons were simply invented by humans! What a boring idea, how common. It also doesn’t help that they have essentially taken away the alien-ness of the Cylons and instead they have completely humanized them.

    At any rate, I found myself, having to fast forward through long swatches of soap opera in this show to get to anything resembling science fiction, and what is the most important thing about sc-fi tv series, (it is not two people going “how do you feel?, “No, how do you feel”, or everyone’s hormonal urges), great sci-fi is about great ideas, and great visual images. This show doesn’t quite cut it, but, overall, I will give it 2 ½ stars, mainly for the production values and special effects.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. Many viewers have sung the praises of the remade BSG for years. They love the intensity of the performances, and the Byzantine plot twists of this series. The 1978 version, while visually dazzling, was expanded into a series from a TV movie at the last minute. Consequently, it failed to offer well-written stories. Obviously there was room for improvement. With all of that in mind, I tried to give the remake the benefit of the doubt, and to like it. I really tried…but I can’t. Here are some reasons:

    The Look: Too grey, with a dull, washed-out look that was reminiscent of the bleach-bypass film process of the 1990’s. Sets and costumes weren’t just low-tech, they were often “no-tech.” This show was as visually dull as its inspiration was visually appealing. No wonder the resolution of the series was a Luddite refutation of technology. And if I had to see yet another hike through dark British Columbian forests…

    They Look Like Us: What a hoary cliche; countless sci-fi shows over the years have had alien infiltrators. Besides building suspense, it works because it saves production costs. Sightings of the truly robotic Cylons were rare. Even Ron Moore’s old show “Deep Space Nine” had infiltrating “Changelings.” So next time, give originality a chance.

    The Tipsy Cameraman: I hated the drunkenly-bobbing handheld cameras of “NYPD Blue” years ago. This BSG slavishly copied that technique.

    “Perhaps You Don’t”: Everyone (and thing) reeked of rotten attitudes here. Humans were preoccupied with mistreating each other rather than surviving their enemy. The only solace was that the Cylons eventually proved equally self-destructive.

    Machisma: This series (which had a producer from Xena: Warrior Princess) had the females strut, scowl and bluster incessantly. Starbuck was the most obnoxious example. Most of the male characters (Apollo, Billy and Baltar for example) seemed strangely emasculated.

    The Music: Where have you gone, Stu Phillips? His rousing orchestral sound was replaced by moody blues. The new sound was appropriate, but tedious.

    Oh So British: America doesn’t even make TV series anymore; this show seemed to rub its British/Canadian nature in our Yank faces. The final insult for American viewers was putting up with the show’s British TV schedule.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. I really enjoyed the series. BUT, how can anyone rate a product that hasn’t been released and doesn’t tell you what you’re getting? The advertised run time is only 180 minutes. That’s 3 hours. I certainly hope it’s a typo. if it includes all 4 seasons and the movies, then it’s worth it. Otherwise, it’s hard to tell what they will give you. Remember what they did to us for season 2 and season 4? I won’t consider this product until they list what’s really included. Besides, is it just me, or has the cost of Blu-Ray movies jumped up about $5 this past year (about 30%!)? Somebody is getting awfully greedy out there … and corporate greed is why our economy is nearly collapsing.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. a real kick in the arse to the fans who made them rich. this set should LIST at no more than $200 tops

    due to economies of scale, the pro-rated all-in-one-box mfg cost savings, and the fact that these episodes are now ‘old news’ so to speak. Unbeleiveable
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. …is slowly becoming yesterdays news, has reached about as high a fan-consumer base penetration as it ever will, PLUS with the economies of scale-that this box then should go for-what? $150 MSRP- which would follow most stores down to $99….GREED PURE GREED Frakking without lube, the very fans that made Universal rich -SHAME.


    This full 4 season set is out on DVD 21 Sept in the UK:

    Amazon has it for £88, subtracting VAT is £77+ £3 odd delivery; It might even come down further-speculation

    A good reason to have an all region player…. cant say how eleaborate it is But I dont need tons of bonus stuff-which im sure theyll have-I just dont have time or mood-but im sure will you get most or all of the whole enchalada-I would presume RAZOR and the Mini series too

    yes friends at the present $+£ exchange-it will set you back less than $125 ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS, DELIVERED (worst case)

    lets see…$ 125 vs $162 hmmmmm…decisions decisions Oh-and lets not forget sales tax -most states have around 9% sales tax, so add another $15 to the US box and you have, ta-da-a BSG set at $175+ after taxes-free delivery of course

    So, at WORST $125 UK for the set, at best $175 for the US set; do the math; 25 discs!!! good gawd

    and likely a deluxe booklet

    And I just wouldnt put it past Universal to put this set on **DVD 9s** to save a buck- paring it down to 13 discs-lets wait and see- Remember the remastered DUNE? INCREDIBLE stupidity!

    I have yet to see specs, but you can bet that you PAY DEARLY for the elaborate packaging
    Rating: 3 / 5

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