Batman: The Movie

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When Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) get a tip that Commodore Schmidlapp (Reginald Denny) is in danger aboard his yacht, they launch a rescue mission. But the tip is a set-up by four of the most powerful villains ever, who seek to defeat the Dynamic Duo once and for all! Armed with a dehydrator that can turn humans into dust, the fearsome foursome intends to take over the world! Can the Caped Crusaders use their high-flying heroism and groovy gadgetry to declaw … More >>

Batman: The Movie

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  1. … and get the most “not helpful” votes ever, but I have to say what I feel.

    Many will be amazed that I have never watched the old Batman TV show with Adam West, but like with Star Trek, Danish TV had too good taste to show it, fortunately. If I’d seen it as a kid, I’d either have been homicidally enraged, or worse, I’d have liked it and it’d have ruined Batman for me forever.

    It’s impossible to figure out how Batman The Dark Knight and this TV show was inspired by the same comic. (OK, granted, the Batman comic of the sixties was very different from more recent incarnations.)

    I’m watching (so far) Batman The Movie, by the same producers and actors. In the beginning Batman and Robin get an instant and automatic costume change… while sliding down a pole! Batman’s hood has eyebrows drawn on in purple pencil…. Then they’re in a “batcopter”, and Batman tries to land on a boat… from a “batladder”! Robin flies so incompetently that Batman is lowered half into the ocean… albeit very, very slowly. And within three second a shark attaches itself to his leg! He keeps battering this shark which looks so fake it does not even look like real rubber… But in vain, so robin hands him the “shark-repellent” spray! (I guess it is only for sharks met above water.) And the shark falls down… and explodes! And that’s just the first five minutes.

    I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be funny, but oh my gawd, it’s nauseating.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. The delivery of this item was top-notch. It got here pronto and in perfect shape, just like the majority of the good reviews about this vendor said it would. I chose to buy this item for my little boy from Electric Fantasies because the business had such good reviews.

    Unfortunately, when I got it, it was the wrong thing. Let me be clear — THAT IS ENTIRELY MY FAULT. I was looking for a DVD of Batman, and what I bought, accidentally, was a UMD movie for PSP. It came up in the search I put into Amazon for the DVD, and I did not look closely enough before buying.

    However, I have now written to the company THREE times. Each time was two weeks apart. I have asked if it is possible to return the item (it has not been opened) for all or partial credit and get a DVD instead. I don’t have a PSP and I don’t want one. Of course, I offered to pay the shipping and any additional costs that may be accrued in acquiring the DVD. And, I also said that if the DVD cost less, that I would be happy to let the profit be kept.

    I do not think that it is unreasonable to ask for a simple yes or no answer, especially in light of the fact that I have tried to be upfront and conciliatory about the matter. As I stated, good, professional delivery — bad follow up. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting with this vendor, or you will be stuck with something you don’t want.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. This movie wasn’t that great. It is pretty stupid how they find out that the Joker, the Penguin, the Riddler, and Catwoman are teamed up to turn the world leaders into dust. Robin needs some new lines. “Holy Halloween.” What the f***. In every sentence pretty much for him has the word holy. I don’t see why in every sentence he doesn’t say holy s***. Anyway the movie wasn’t that great.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. I LOVED this movie when I was a little kid. I must have watched it a million times. And I was a big fan of the TV show too. Now, years later and I’m an adult, watching this movie is very painful. I’m sorry but it’s just terrible. Adam West has got to be the worst actor in the history of the world. He was a horrible Batman! Even worse than George Clooney! He could have used some time at the gym too. That pot belly does not make Batman look too powerful. Burt Ward is a great Robin when his mouth is closed. He looks great but his dialog is just annoying. The Joker, Penguin and Catwoman were all stupid. I loved the Riddler though. My God, who wrote this script? Super villains get together to turn the world leaders into sand? Even with them gone the world seems to run just fine. It doesn’t do any good to question the storyline in this movie. It’s best to just not watch it. Adam West was by far the worst part about the movie.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. The original “Star Trek” seems less dated than this. Great for entertaining kids and on the adult side (aside from the ambiguously gay relationship between Bruce Wayne and “ward” turned boytoy Dick Grayson) the Catwoman is adorable, especially in her turn as a faux James Bond-esque Russian hotsty-totsy reporter romancing Bruce Wayne. But my God, Shatner didn’t have as many dramatic pauses!

    And what was up with marking the Bat Ladder “Bat Ladder”? I realize this was before “Jaws,” but if you’re going to have a shark attack, don’t have it with an obviously fake shark.

    In the interest of full disclosure I was never fond of the original Batman series.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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