Ax Men: The Complete Season 2

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The AX MEN are back, and they re bigger, badder, and tougher than ever.

For more than a hundred years, larger-than-life characters, many of whom are members of logging families that go back to the time when the West was being settled, have spent their days among towering trees and powerful machines and their nights in outposts far from the comforts of civilization. Snapped cables, runaway logs, and treacherous machinery are among the many dangers that th… More >>

Ax Men: The Complete Season 2

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  1. I happen to live in Port Angeles, Wa. I also know Craig Rygaard. he frequents my place of employment. What a terrific guy he is in person.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. I’m watching this series for the first time, and it unfortunately comes off as somewhat silly, because it tries too hard to be reality TV — i.e., “docu-tainment.” Within minutes of the first segment, I’m tired of the constant bleeping of foul language. (Just film the damn thing; rate it R; let the subjects be real! — Or offer more than one version of the show on the same DVD, with one version censored for the kiddies!)

    The material and info could have been handled with more respect, rather than milked for dramatic sound bytes. As it is, the series often reeks of sensationalism, which is one more reason why I seldom watch TV these days. The stories could have told themselves without the sportscaster voiceovers and the pumped-up music score. The series oversells its subject, and it comes off cartoonish despite the EXCELLENT photography. It lessens the real impact of the job and the lives of real men, almost turning them into caricatures.

    Too bad. This could have been so much better. As is, it just comes across as one more form of hyped-up entertainment.

    Men (especially the men profiled here) deserve better.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. First of all why did they change the opening theme song? The new one is lame! Then they pretty much ruined the whole show by adding the father-son scream team of water loggers, with big pappa doing nothing but flip out and yell at everyone all the time! By the way if he would have done that to my launch pad and just drove off without any regard for his actions, I think I would be taking him to court, or recommend they send him to anger management. Little Browning Jr. wants to take over daddy’s company, however, he can’t handle stress, or the cameras (hey junior, you agreed to do the show, and I bet you are being compensated quite well for it). So man up! Basically I agree with one of the comments from season one’s review……. Get into these guys’ personal lives a bit and make it more personal. You can only watch trees falling and guys arguing and complaining about the same thing for only so long. And Iike the show, and I’m a chick! 😉
    Rating: 3 / 5

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