Apollo 12 Uncensored

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From the lightening strike at liftoff, to the splashdown disaster that almost caused the first space flight fatality, Apollo 12: Uncensored tells the true story of the Apollo 12 Moon mission that NASA never told. All three members of the crew were interviewed specifically for this documentary Mission Commander CHARLES PETE CONRAD, Lunar Module Pilot ALAN BEAN, and Command Module Pilot RICHARD DICK GORDON. In addition, top NASA officials were interviewed for t… More >>

Apollo 12 Uncensored

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  1. Great documentary for an older space buff. Maybe a little pricey unless a non-profit gets some of it.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. I watched the whole thing in one sitting. While one of the historians is a bit cheesie, the whole thing is great.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. He or she who made this must be very ashamed. What a piece of !@#$%^

    The DVD I received was a home burned one on a Verbatim DVD-R. The title page said the DVD contains a ‘Bronze wedding’. Perhaps I would have enjoyed that better. The inlay was printed on a bubblejet printer on A4-sized paper and they used a very low resolution picture.

    And don’t get me started on video and especially audio. Editing was poor and I was really shocked that someone actually spent some time on audio post-production and during that time never noticed that all his switches were flipped to ‘bypass’.

    At least the crew was enjoying the shoot. I knew they had a great time during training and the actual flight, but seeing they’re still having great fun made me smile.

    Save your money and pick another title from this site. If you’ve seen this one you won’t be disapointed.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. While it is true that the video quality is poor, the run time is short and I want to trim Capt. Conrad’s eyebrow so bad it becomes distracting!! The DVD also gave me the feeling that I was watching more of a home movie than a documentary, which I’ve seen many, many of. What really makes this “movie” worth the price is the back-up crews’ hilarious film short at the end of the DVD. The satirical tape was customarily made to show at the flight party. It was the back-up crew’s job to lighten the mood of the prime crew; though the Apollo 12 crew probably had little need for that since they were best friends. For those who don’t know, Pete Conrad is the only astronaut with a multi-colored Christmas tree in his honor at the JSC; all other heroes’ memorial trees are white. After watching this you’ll come closer to understanding why Pete believed “when you can’t be good, be colorful!”
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. There is a little real Apollo 12, some clips with the real astronauts AND

    lots of video of fake “training.” This is a minor home movie
    Rating: 1 / 5

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