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I was skeptical when waiting for these cards to be released. Mainly because other Amiibo releases have not been able to reach the supply and demand. So the first to go out and buy up all the stock get to reap the rewards and the rest of us are stuck paying scalper prices. These card packs are the opposite ( don't let the scalpers on Amazon scare you ) ToysRus, Target, and Gamestop always seem to have decent stock ( from 8 - 18 packs on pegs or in the display boxes ) on hand even after the release day rush. So I would encourage anyone who is interested to check their local stores! ( Packs are $6.99 depending on where you go. Some stores might be a few cents or a dollar cheaper )Now that that's out of the way. A pack contains 6 cards. One SP Card ( 17 in total for this wave ) and 5 common cards. In a perfect world with no duplicates it would take 18 packs to get a full set of 100. I'll spare you the money and say that I purchased 36 packs and was still missing 6 common cards. In the spirit of all Trading Cards these are meant to be traded! If you want to full set don't waste money trade with your friends or find swaps on the internet. Not only is it way more fun IMO but.. it's cheaper... much cheaper.The cards themselves do a few things that I'll outline-They work like normal Amiibos! there's a chip in the back of the card that you can tap to your DS ( or use a reader for the older 3DS models ) to register the card.-For Common Villagers this lets you design for them anytime you want ( without encountering them naturally/randomly by playing the game ) and unlocking their design items faster. ( you unlock the Amiibo phone in the game, so no it's not there at the very start, where you can access the design items they unlock )-For SP ( NPC ) Characters you can only design for them and access their items if you have their card. If you do you can design for them and unlock their design items like you do normally ( Isabelle for example unlocks a scooter, Isabelle picture, and a dress )-House Parties! If you posses a card for a Villager and want to invite them to a friends house you can! ( but you must possess the card for the villager you want to invite )You can also share these cards among friends. If your friend doesn't have a villager but you don't have a duplicate of that card. Your friend can still tap the card and redeem the Items and Design for the character! As far as I've seen there is no limit on how many times and different games a card can be used!The Cards themselves are very nice! They are made from a thick plastic ( thicker than most Trading Cards ) and the pictures and colors are crisp and vibrant. A lot of villagers have really cute poses as well! The special cards have a foil/sparkly background.I really love the cards and I set out with the intent of getting a whole set ( and a lot of duplicates apparently ) But I was planning on trading a lot with friends. It is unlikely that you will get exactly what you want in one pack ( for example a lot of people just want Isabelle or Resetti which I found are significantly more rare than the other SP characters ) but for Trading Cards it's meant to be that way. Nintendo so far has done a good job keeping up with Supply and Demand ( as I said first. Every store I've walked into since Release day at least as 8 packs available and no store has ever had a limit on how many packs you can buy at once. ) making it fun to pick up a pack and see what you get! But if you are looking to get a full set ( or are looking for one particular SP ) do be prepared to pay a little bit more.
Thought price was a little steep for "trading cards" until I discovered that they actually have an imbedded chip that you can read and write to! Suddenly, the price sounds pretty reasonable. Originally, I thought you just used these to add new characters to your game, and it does do that, BUT it also allows you to design a house in Happy Home Designer, save to the card and load the custom house you created to Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, along with the character! The cards are also used in gameplay for the Amiibo Festival's mini-games! I'm sure there are other uses I haven't yet discovered, but these features alone are enough to sell me on buying multiple packs. I have bought 8 packs of 6 (48 cards) and maybe have 8 duplicates. Not too bad, maybe even better than the ratio on sports cards. There are 100 unique cards for this set. I have seen traders, sellers and buyers on Craigslist and ebay to help folks complete their sets. If you an AC fan, buying them just for display, the overall value might be questionable; however, if you actually use them in game play, they are more than worth the purchase! Each pack of 6 cards features 5 regular characters and one special character (has an upgraded coating). The WiiU and "new-style" 3DS-XL have built-in card readers. Original 3DS and previous-gen 3DS-XL users will have to buy the white "hockey-puck" NFC Reader/Writer Accessory to use them.
I had specific villagers that I was hoping to get, and instead got a bunch of cards that I have no use for and will be passing along to other people. That's no fault of the seller, though, and doesn't affect my rating obviously since I still gave five stars. The processing and shipping were incredibly fast- arrived eight days before original quoted date, and with all that's going on right now I was shocked to say the least. Unfortunately since Nintendo will no longer be producing these cards and the ones I want are really hard to find and pricey when I do find them, I'll be looking for alternative means to get the "cards" that I want. Ordering and opening this pack was still a fun little experience, though- the mystery and anticipation was nice while it lasted!

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