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Specifically designed for Nintendo Switch Lite (2019); Ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience; Ultra thin-0.3mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity; Highly durable, and...

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TL;DR & PROS/CONS List at bottom if you don't have the time to read thisSo for those of you wondering whether this fits on only the screen of the Switch Lite or the entire indented portion, it would be the latter. So the screen protector actually covers a bit more than just the entire screen, which you may or may not see as a plus side to this. I found it to be unbelievably easy to install because it covers the indented portion; it acts as a frame for the screen protector. There's no apparent loss in quality; I compared a Switch Lite with the screen protector on and one without it on--they look indistinguishable, but one obviously has a screen protector on it since the body surrounding the screen is covered in glass. Colors still look fine on the display.I tried lightly scratching the screen with keys and coins, if for some reason you put your Switch Lite in your pockets. The screen protector only scratched when I applied more force than would ever be applied in pants-pockets (maybe in skinny jeans, but 1. I don't wear skinny jeans & 2. I'm fairly certain the Switch Lite would not fit in skinny jeans).Fingerprints still form, but not as noticeable as without the screen protector. They are very easily cleaned off, however.I've used two of my screen protectors so far (the first one was replaced since I ran the scratch test). If you are able to perfectly install each screen protector, then I'd say you have screen protectors for 3-6 years, depending on if you like to change out screen protectors every year or two. The main reason I change my screen protectors yearly is that the oleophobic coating tends to wear out, and I do really like having that on my devices.This is not an anti-glare screen protector, so on a bright sunny day (such as one in Sunny Southern California), in DIRECT SUNLIGHT, it is difficult to play. Under a tree or at a café (sitting outdoor under the umbrella shades), it is much easier to see the screen on maximum brightness; the Switch Lite appears to be slightly brighter than the original Switch, though I'm not sure how the revised Switch [HAC-001-(01)] fairs. In shade, it will work well. It works very well with indoor (warmer) lighting. I don't have cooler lights at home to test it with, as I prefer warm lighting at home, but on maximum brightness, the glare is no issue, even around 50% brightness.I don't use a grip or a hard-shell case on my Switch Lite, but I doubt this would interfere with that.Finally, for games that use the touch screen, there's no interference with how the touch screen functions. It is still just as responsive as though you don't have the screen protector on.The only thing I don't want to test is dropped the Switch Lite on the ground, but I will assume with/without the screen protector, the screen would be fine since the joy-sticks/back of the system would break before the screen did, as they would shield your screen. If your screen fell on some pointed rocks, MAYBE the screen protector would help, but again, that's not something I'm willing to test. Also, just don't play your Switch Lite near pointed rocks. lol---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PROS:-easy installation-relatively scratch resistant; don't forcibly try to scratch the screen protector, but do note that your screen underneath remains safe-very easy to wipe fingerprints off; fewer fingerprints accumulate on the screen than without the screen protector on-you get 3 screen protectors, so if you mess up on installation, you can try again, and again-screen retains high quality image, no blurriness or alterations in color-protects the area around your screen from scratches as well, which is a bonus-touch screen works just as well as if you didn't have the screen protector on-pricing is very reasonableCONS (or CON, since there's only one that I can think of):-not anti-glare, which may or may not bother you if you were looking for anti-glareUNTESTED:-protection from cracks? (hopefully someone else can test this, but I wouldn't actually expect anyone to; just keep your Switch Lite safe by NOT DROPPING IT. Some of you may say easier said than done, but if you're the type of person who would drop it, you should probably invest in a protective case/grip).TL;DR: just get this for your Switch Lite; very easy to install & if you mess up, you get 2 more tries
It seems they just took a generic mobile phone screen protector and slapped switch light on it. The screen protector is slightly smaller than it needs to be. I notice it any time I look at my Switch Lite and it is bothering me. I'm going to wait a week and see if any other tempered glass screen protector gets a good review.
I bought this product months ago based on the reviews of their standard switch version screen protector and they are just as good as everyone says. I received my Switch Lite today and had the protector all ready to go.I thankfully didn't need the sticker to remove the dust since I put this on the moment I took the plastic off the switch lite. It went on ridiculously easy and I didn't have any bubbles.I powered on the switch and this screen protector really is crystal clear. You will have no idea it's on there.There is a very small gap barely noticeable on it that doesn't cover the entire bottom of the bezel. Yes this goes over the screen and the bezel for protection.If you do get bubbles, that means dust got on your display or the protector itself. This is when you need to use the dust removal stickers. Save yourself the headache and the bad review that says "I got bubbles". You need to make sure you have removed the dust. If you decide to remove dust with canned air, please don't lay the switch lite down and spray downwards on the display. I have seen too many people destroy electronics by not knowing how to use canned air.16 thousand reviews for the Standard Switch version of this screen protector were not wrong. You have to buy this one if you are thinking about getting a screen protector.

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