amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED model 2021 (3-Pack), 9.95, 0, $, .

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Specifically designed for Nintendo Switch OLED model 2021; Ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an natural viewing experience; Ultra thin-0.3mm thickness is reliable and resilient, and promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity; Highly durable, and scratch...

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TLDR: Fits Switch OLED, would recommend for piece of mind.I ordered these ahead to have when my Switch OLED arrived on launch day. I chose these specifically since they were one of the top reviewed brands for the regular Switch. I think the difference is the regular screen has some spots that need notches in the protector, where the OLED is a clean rectangle.I've now installed one on my Switch OLED and can say it is exactly the protector that I wanted. Once on, it is crystal clear, and it feels similar in quality to the protector I've hand on my phone for over 3 years. It also comes with a lifetime warranty that says they'll provide up to 2 replacement products. Not sure if that's 2 glasses or 2 3-packs, but that's great either way for a $10 product.Installation is always the hassle with these things, and this one went about as smooth as any I've ever done. They multiple include cleaning and drying wipes to prep the switch screen. There's also dust removal stickers, but they say not to use on a Switch. I imagine they're a standard pack in for devices with more robust glass screens like phones. The Switch OLED does have one, but I wouldn't test it. I also used an air can to make sure no dust was sitting there before applying the protector. Due to shaky placement, I can confirm they're pretty easy to carefully peel and replace. I've also washed (water) the backside between replacements on my phone protector, so I imagine the same can be done with these if dirt gets in there between attempts. Fortunately, they give you 3, so second one went on straight and clean after a couple attempts got some dust on my first one. The adhesion cascaded on nicely every time with minimal guidance. Bubbles were minimal and able to be worked out on the early attempts, and the last one didn't have any. You probably won't have an issue if your hand is steadier than mine, and I have a slight tremor.
This screen protector fits the screen of my Switch OLED model great and was very easy to install.I did have to use 2 out of the 3 screen protectors on the screen though because the first one seemed to have some pre-existing damage near the bottom. It was a weird looking misshapen circle scratch or fracture that I didn't notice until it was against the black of the screen.Not a deal breaker since there's three, but you might want to consider double checking the screens against a dark background to make sure there isn't any damage before you go through the effort of installing it.
Glass does provide a scratch resistant surface, listing states this is tempered glass yet this is anield glass with an adhesive film that helps hold everything together. If the glass does break, do expect it to scratch your Nintendo switch screen. It is very easy to apply and does have a scratch resistant coating to the glass. It does provide protection as listed but if you expect this to prevent breakage from a drop it will not. It could protect the screen from scratches if say you were to have your switch in your backpack and something scratches the screen it will protect that.

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