American History X

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  • Derek Vinyard is dangerous, a coiled fury of hate who leads a neo-Nazi gang. But time and events start to change him. He reassesses his ways while doing time for manslaughter and emerges from prison eager to keep his younger brother (Edward Furlong) from falling victim to the thug cycle of violence and payback. It may be too late.Weaving in and out of events past and present in Dereks life, Americ

Derek Vinyard is dangerous, a coiled fury of hate who leads a neo-Nazi gang. But time and events start to change him. He reassesses his ways while doing time for manslaughter and emerges from prison eager to keep his younger brother (Edward Furlong) from falling victim to the thug cycle of violence and payback. It may be too late. Weaving in and out of events past and present in Dereks life, American History X is revealing in its look at white-supremacist gangs and impassio… More >>

American History X

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  1. Forced by a sociology professor to watch this film, I left the class room with a feeling of both disgust and anger not only at the waste of my own personal time but the fact that we were being indocterinated with this garbage. This film is a melodrama without the music, presenting a grotesque and pessimistic view of mankind in general (virtually every character in the film is a racist hate filled beast) and a gross exageration of tension between races (yes, yes we all know that racial harmony is an impossibility so long as whites exist yada yada yada). This film’s attempts to demonize white people are offensive even to a minority like myself. For someone who attends a mutli racial school in a multi racial city I must ask myself how we can get through a 50 minute class without gunshots being fired between the blacks and whites. Or perhaps we should really be wondering why in that same classroom where racial harmony takes place in reality we’re forced to watch paid actors doing the exact opposite in fairy tale land.

    Its bogus message aside, its not even entertaining. Constant profanity and constant hate are things people try to avoid in real life and make for a dull and predictable watch.

    Overall I can only hope no one is ever forced to watch this film again.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Oh, how this film is trash. Let me count the ways. First, the acting is bad. Edward Norton plays the 2 roles fine — The role before prison and the role after prison — but the rest of the cast is horrible with meaningless uninteresting performances by all particularly Edward Furlong, Stacey Keach and Elliot Gould. Second, the direction (when not dealing with glossy, MTV style ultra-violence) could not be worse. The whole film has this “what-does-this-thing-do” look to it. Where visuals and angles are used only because they can. Third, the ham-handed usage of black and white versus color. The script is horrible. The dialogue is bad. The story structure is bad. The character development is worse then the character development in “Showgirls.” By time the meaningless climax you will be thinking to yourself, “Who cares.” It is stupid, with only a couple scenes of distinct violence to redeem itself. At all costs, spare yourself the epic waste of time that is “American History X.”
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. It has to be one of the more unfortunate things about the decade of the 1990s that the most popular movie dealing with race in America to come out of that decade is this trash. Before seeing this I thought it was going to be something profound. While I was seeing it, I thought it was going to be something profound. After seeing it, I wasn’t thinking about much of anything important.

    If you want to be shocked, you will be shocked. If you want to see violence and hate, that you will see. If you want to be depressed, you will probably end up depressed. These things together may be enough to make a person think that they saw something that was good art. Apparently it is enough to convince many. Perhaps there is some unspoken assumption out there that anything that is about race and shoves depressing melodrama down our throats is going to be considered deep and amazing. Perhaps people see Schindler’s List in every movie of this kind.

    But in the end this film offers nothing but a deceptive kind of feeling that one should have been offered something, yet don’t know what it is. In this movie we do not truly probe American racism at a deeper level because American racism is about things far more subtle and less melodramatic than this. It would take a far more talented director to make a movie about true racism. And if the intent was differently, it also does not break new ground on the causes of crime, inner city life, or even family breakdown, even while showing all of these things profusely. On the other hand, if there are any positive themes here, they are unconvincing and poorly acted compared to the rest. Of course, it would take a miracle to pull anything positive out of this morass; and in any case achieving any kind of affect not derived from shock violence would actually require some skill. As always, there are interpretations, but such interpretations are not necessarily guided by the film itself.

    It is a shame that the filmmakers have been able to throw together such a mess and receive so much acclaim for their dramatic anarchy.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. The person who said they didn’t use the word skinhead in the movie is wrong. When the police are discussing Norton’s character in the conference room they blantanly call his gang the most dangerous skinhead gang. I found this very insulting considering that I am a skinhead and that the “skinheads” potrayed in the movie were what skinheads call boneheads. The real skinhead culture has it’s roots in Jamaican music and British working class ethics. It started in the late 60’s when the Jamaican immigrants to Britian brought with them their music and what was know as the “rudeboy” style. Young working class mods that were fed up with the Psychodelic scene caught on to the rudeboy scene and came up with their own version of the tough jamaicans….the first skinheads. They were not racist in any way and were always socializing with the Jamaican and other island immigrant youths. The fact that the media and major motion pictures only give attention to the Neo-Nazi copycat skinheads not only offends me, but also socially marks me….and if I’m in the wrong place could possibly be a danger to my safety. So, in conclusion, even though I really like Edward Norton as an actor, this movie is horrible and should have never of been made without recognition to the original skinhead movement.
    Rating: 1 / 5


    Ok, i liked this film i guess. The First time i saw Edward as a skin head after Fight Club and DEATH TO SMOOTCHY. First off They Ended this movie in good ways and bad and i found it a little pointless.

    1.Begining of film before you meet the NEW Dave, Some kid was getting jumped in the bathroom. The little brother of dave (that one kid from termenator 2) decided to try to get them to stop, So he “Faced Them” and Blew Smoke in this kids face.

    2. End He Finds Out All The Reasons why dave had changed and gives up nazizm, Then He Has his report but goes to the bathroom, And Then Gets Shot a couple times by the one kid he blew smoke at…

    3.Ok that kid must of been REALLY F**KED IN THE HEAD, Killing someone for blowing smoke in their face.

    4.It was sad and unexpected.

    well anyways back to my review. The Acting WASNT Bad Ok? It was Decent, But i would have gave an award to Edward if i worked for oscars or something, Cause He Brought Out his best preformence ive seen since fight club. Well This film has many racist elements.

    1.Edward Has A Big Swashtica Tattoed Into his chest.

    2.The Bastetball game, When the skin head whens the blacks get off the court and for some reason, HAPPY WINNING music is on. Thats kinda bad.

    3.His friend in prision, How come he only talks about KKK or Sex(well from what you hear).

    4.The Infamous Bathroom Scene.

    Well i have to give this movie a 4.5/5

    PLOT : 5

    ACTING : 4


    EFF. 2, For almost no blood just shooting in the begining and people getting shot and curved,When the kid gets shot at the end, Massive Blood Flys Everyware In the Set.

    Rent it.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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