AmazonBasics Dual Charging Station for Xbox One, Xbox One Standard, And Xbox One Elite Controllers – Black, 23.97, 0, $, .

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This is the first non-OEM rechargeable batteries that I have bought for my controllers. I am not impressed. The batteries drain quickly and the controller shuts off without triggering a low battery warning on screen. I've not even had these batteries for a month yet and they are preforming sub-par already. I would not recommend this product to anyone. The batteries do take a charge and fit in my controller perfectly but the play time is very low (roughly 1.5-2 hrs.) and that just doesn't work for me. It is not fun en-gauging in a battle just to have your character stop moving and get killed by npc's or other players due to a dead battery.
One battery has already quit charging. Just flashes red. Hasn’t even been a year and it says it has a year warranty. Contacted amazon about the warranty through the proper channels and still no replacement. Go oem I guess.Update. Now the second remote has stopped charging and flashes red. Still under the year warranty and contacted customer service again since they did not respond to my previous email. Waiting to see if they stand by their product or not.I will update.
Finally was able to get my kid away from continually using batteries and using this charger. Don't get me wrong, I had tried other chargers in the past, but they were either shoddy workmanship and did not last the test of time, or he just wasn't interested in using them because they didn't communicate in a way that indicated that the charger was working or was complete. This one does it all, and he loves it. No more batteries and throwing them away - we are finally environmentally friendly!

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