Aerobic Dance Remix

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If you like to dance this ones for you! By breaking down dance patterns into easy-to-learn sections, we’ll help you learn the funk and hip-hop patterns used by professional dancers. Move and seat to music while getting your heart rate up and burning lots of calories…. More >>

Aerobic Dance Remix

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  1. This is about 30 min of Denise Druce leading with Melissa & Donna (2 thin blonds) in the usual grey carpet & colored basement looking place. The sound/lighting is good, not high production, but does the trick, only one or 2 camera angles all from the front. The backup dancers have very little enthusiasm & a bit stiff. Music is the usual fare.

    Warm-up – 5 min

    Aerobics – 15 min

    90s style moves, there is no dancing here except a simple chasse & mambo for a few seconds. The usual 90s style aerobics.

    Aerobics w/hand weights – 5 min

    more moving with the feet with hands moving to do simple bicep curls, etc.

    Cool-down – 5 min

    has some good stretching like yoga side angle pose.

    I don’t like straight aerobics & thought since had the word DANCE in it it had more dance moves since there were 2 reviews on an online dvd rental site saying they enjoyed it.

    The dvd series website is fitessentials net

    Rating: 2 / 5

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