AC/DC: Live At Donington

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When AC/DC came crashing through the gates of Castle Donington in August if 1991, they were headlining their third “Monsters Of Rock” festival at the fabled venue. They proceeded to assault the massive audience with a two hour set chock-full of their greatest hits, and an over the top visual spectacle that included firing cannons, the hells bell and giant inflatable Rosie. Filmed in 35mm Panavision with 26 cameras (including a helicopter) and newly remastered for Blu-ray Di… More >>

AC/DC: Live At Donington

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  1. I couldn’t help but notice how great this DVD is, but… all of the songs sound way too much like the studio recordings.

    That is to say, the reason why I buy concert DVDs is to here a version of the song that different from the album version and to watch the band. In this one, you just get to watch the band. There’s nothing different sounding.

    That’s why I like, say, the Led Zeppelin DVD more than this one.

    I would’ve given this 3 stars, but Angus Young’s hilarious strip-tease gave it another.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Buy the VHS or Brazilian DVD version of Donington. They aren’t overdubbed with other audio tracks. For instance, during Shoot to Thrill, Brian screams something, but his microphone is on his belt. During Back in Black. He says “hey mama” but his mike is no where near his mouth. One of the solos doesn’t line up during Fire Your Guns. Thunderstruck even sounds different. There are lots of differences in the US DVD. I don’t have time to name them all. The undoctored versions of the show also LOOK DIFFERENT. The show took place near a storm, but on the US DVD, there aren’t any storm clouds. The sound is great, but its not from Donington. The original video and audio was fine. They should’ve left it alone. I strongly discourage the buying of this DVD. Buy the VHS or Brazilian DVD to get the full effect of the show.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I just got this yesterday. Really a waste of money unless you’re a hardcore AC/DC fan and have a proper 5.1 channel PCM audio set-up.

    I’d have to rate this as my worst blu-ray for video quality in my collection of over 100 discs. Can’t see how this one is much better than a regular DVD. Anyone else notice a lot of problems with the lighting and the color of blue? And overall, it’s blurry as all heck. And the grain… were they shooting this thing on 8mm home movie?

    Yeah, I know I shouldn’t expect much from a 15 year-old film-shot grain-fest, but hey… I still expected a whole lot more.

    And no “Sink The Pink” played at the concert? I saw this concert when they came to Des Moines, and they played “Sink The Pink.” Argh!

    A tragedy!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. You will love every opening of each song. Everything is great
    until Brian Johnson starts in. Man, if he would just speak the
    lyrics opposed to his attempt to sing, it would greatly improve
    the DVD. If he wouldn’t sing at all, I’d give it 4 stars. Angus
    & Malcolm are simply the best. I will listen to AC/DC with Bon
    Scot until the day I die. If you are going to order only one
    AC/DC VHS/DVD, this is not it. If you have all the others, then
    yes, you’ll need to complete your collection with this one.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. The sound is obviously not from this concert, that makes it awful.

    I’d expect something like this from Britney, Madonna, Milli Vanilli, Ashlee Simpson, etc. I can even take the disclaimer on VH’s DVD that says.. “we recorded this over 2 different shows to get all the video” and I can handle the Zep DVD where they did an AWESOME job considering that they had limited video to work with.

    Other reviews have said “Disconcerting.” It is downright awful. The sad thing is that the audio is a good rendition of their work and the video makes it appear that it was one smokin’ show, they are just not the same. RUSH in Rio was a show with low-quality audio, but you knew when Lifeson was playing, it was not some studioed-up version.

    The liner says “One of the greatest live concert documents of all time.” This is only true if Winston Smith was doing the documentation of the concert. They had 26 cameras, but apparantly forgot to plug them into the microphones.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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