8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad (Sn Edition) – Nintendo Switch, 39.99, 49.99, $, .

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Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS, Android, Steam and Raspberry Pi.

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I've been using 8bitdo controllers for a couple years now, as I play a good amount of 2D platformers and puzzle games-- both of which all but require precise inputs. While the Switch Pro controller is a good option for games that don't require that, inconsistencies with the d-pad on both of mine have left me craving something I could use with my Switch that didn't share these issues.Upon announcement of this controller last year, I was immediately excited-- a controller with similar aesthetics and layout to the SNES controller with better ergonomics and analog sticks? I was intrigued.A controller has to do a few things in order for me to consider it "good." It has to be built well, has to be responsive, and it has to have as little quality-control issues as possible. I'm happy to say that this controller hits all those marks and then some.The SN30 Pro+ is lightweight, perhaps a little too light for my liking, but the materials used here are all solid. The buttons are clicky, the triggers smooth in their actuation, and the d-pad is rock solid no matter how many times I roll my thumb around it. No incorrect inputs, either! The analog sticks are just a touch too short for my taste, especially after using Nintendo's Pro controller for well over two years now, but they're much better than those that are baked into the JoyCons.Input lag doesn't seem to be an issue with this controller, either. It was on par with or better than officially-licensed products, which, if you've ever used a third-party controller in the last few decades, isn't always a given.All in all, the controller itself is fantastic. Combine the above points with the fact that it has rumble, gyro-aiming, and charges over USB Type-C like the Pro controller, and this is a damn good piece of kit. Highly recommended, especially if you're looking for an alternative to the (albeit slightly) more expensive official offering.
I bought this specifically for the button mapping feature that allows me to swap the A and B buttons for the Switch. I'm much more used to the PS/Xbox configuration where the main select button is on the bottom of the button diamond and the back/undo button is on the middle right and this controller easily allowed me to change them.PROsIt feels good in my hands, sturdy, and has good button feedback.The vibration is very strong so I turned it down some.Downloading and installing the software was a couple of clicks and pairing with the Switch was no different than any other controllerThe software is elegantly simple and very feature richSignificantly less expensive than the pro-con with more features and no major downsidesCONsCannot wake the Switch, but that's very minor for me and I knew it going inButtons seem to make a bit more noise than I'm used to but its not noticeable over gameplay and might diminish with time.Misc observationThe design seems to want you to use the L2/R2 trigger buttons with your middle fingers and the L1/R1 buttons with your index... the distance and rise on the controller between these buttons makes sliding your index finger from the 1 to the 2 very awkward. It might take some getting used to for me but it'll probably be better in the end.I formed these opinions after several hours gaming with it but I'll update this review if anything changes
I will start by saying I haven't actually used the product. I purchased it because I was excited by the prospect of a programmable/mappable Nintendo Switch controller.But the software necessary to do that isn't available for Mac, and the company's customer service team couldn't provide an answer for when it would be available. It could be days, or months, or... years?This company also isn't a 'known developer' for Apple platforms, which means it hasn't gone through the trouble to meet Apple's security standards. That doesn't mean the software is insecure, but it's unsettling. I downloaded its other software and was quickly met with a prompt that using it was not recommended.Their legacy macOS software is all 32-bit, and will be unusable in a few months as macOS switches to 64-bit – which developers have known about for quite some time.Again, I haven't actually used the controller as a controller because I was more interested in the 'pro' aspects, which have failed to measure up to for me. Hopefully others have more success with it than I have!

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