4K VS 1080p Blu-Ray VS DVD VS iTunes/UltraViolet – Review Comparison

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(Test starts at 0:22 mark) This is a picture comparison of a 4K Blu-Ray player, a 1080 HD Blu-Ray Player, a DVD, an Apple TV streaming an iTunes digital download and a phone AirPlaying an Ultraviolet digital download. The same films were used in the comparisons, on the same television.

This battle of the best picture quality shows what each device looks like at their default factory settings AND their optimal picture settings. With a lot of terms thrown at people like UHD and HDR, or the difference between 2160p and 1080 may be confusing for some, the real question is “What looks best on my TV?”. This review will clearly show what you can expect to see on each device. Feel free to ask any questions/comments/suggestions below.

For those interested in the devices and settings used here they are:

4K HDMI Cable 1

4K HDMI Cable 2

4K Blu-Ray Player

Normal 1080 Blu-Ray Player


TV Settings

4K Blu-Ray Player Settings


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