[4 Pack] Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch Lite, iVoler Transparent HD,High Definition,Clear Anti-Scratch with Anti-Fingerprint Bubble-Free Fit Switch Lite 2019, 6.95, 7.95, $, .

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Specifically designed for Nintendo Switch Lite 2019, Ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% transparency to allow an optimal, natural viewing experience.Features high-resolution retina display as the original screen of Nintendo Switch Lite, bringing immersive experience.

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Note: I am seriously a picky person when it comes to limited edition products, like my newly arrived Pokemon SW/SH SwitchLiteThe packaging was very nice, I do love the fact that this comes with 4 sets, and chances are you won’t mess up the first one, so you have 3 extra sets for maybe another device? Maybe to replace? Who knows, but more is better, especially when the cost is just as much as buying just one.The instructions were nice, and my favorite thing on this screen protector that I haven’t seen before was also the only con. There are “hinge stickers” that you use to help keep placement steady. Love it! I hate when I get the positioning right the first time, only to mess up on the actual process. BUT, the same hinge stickers left a residue on the top of my switch. Not sure if maybe I did something wrong, but was not happy about the sticky feeling. Luckily the wet wipes given to clean the screen were able to remove the sticky mess, but the look of residue is still there.The actual process is pretty straightforward, and me being an idiot and working on this with a string fan on still had an easy time. Dust is the enemy with these things, and the dust remover sticker also, while it did get rid of dust, left a residue on the screen protector, luckily it was the removable part, but had that happened to the actual screen I might of cried (do note, this is my first switch after saving up, so I am looking to keep it prestige)Regarding bubbles, I did have one bubble that did not go away, even with the handy bubble remover (cardboard, but with a soft end to prevent scratching, also very nice!) though it is small, so I’m hoping it goes away on its own.Right off the bat, clarity is not hindered in any shape or form. I am also a stickler when it comes to finger smudges, so I’m happy that my hands don’t smudge the screen much with this on. Touch sensitivity seems to be unhindered, though I’m basically just testing this out on the home menu.The fit is nice! The slight incline as it gets closer to the edge makes it seem like it’s off, but once you have it on and look at different angles, it’s nice! Can’t even say how many screen protectors I’ve simply thrown out for not fitting nicely.Overall? Just the sticky residue is a concern, but everything else deserves 5 stars. I feel bad deducting a full star because on one thing, but I do feel like that’s something that may be needing an update in the future products.
This was a GREAT price for a 4 pack of tempered glass screen protectors. At a Big Box video game store that rhymes with Name Drop, a similar plastic screen protector for the Switch Lite is $12.99...for ONE. I made the mistake of purchasing that when my kid got their Switch Lite and the kid was able to quickly and without any difficulty remove that and dispose of it. I didn’t want to waste anymore money at that Big Box store so I came to Amazon and lo and behold a 4 pack for almost half the price of ONE at the other place...I was sold. They came in a day, they are much higher quality than the ones sold at the big box store, and my kid can’t get this one off...so everybody wins. THANKS!
Comes with multiple protectors which is great for someone who messes up a few like me! However, I used the align stickers to create the ‘hinge’ they recommended in the instructions which made it far easier!Bubbles came out easy and a screen is perfectly clear!My only downside is the dust removal sticker.. I tried to use this and it stuck to the screen so tight it left sticky residue all over the screen that took some serious scrubbing to get off. I’d recommend just using the wipes and a can of compressed air, definitely don’t use the dust removal.Otherwise perfect installation and amazing quality!

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