[3 Pack]Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch – Hestia Goods Transparent HD Clear Anti-Scratch Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch, 6.79, 0, $, .

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Every part of our Screen Protector is made from the highest quality materials available. We at Hestia Goods focus on Product Quality and Offer a High level of consumer experience

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I absolutely love this brand. They always make such great quality products. I bought the case for my Nintendo switch from them and that has held up really well. These protectors are such high quality as well! They aren't just cheaply made little thin pieces of "plexy glass" instead, there are three durable thick pieces of plexy glass. It is the type where if it falls on the floor, your protector shatters, not the screen! It doesn't affect playing games at all and I barely notice it at all. I want the same protectors for my phone! The fact that there are three super high quality protectors in the package for the price you pay is a steal! They are also really easy to install as well!
I bought this for my son's switch as he's pretty rough on his electronics. We also have ceramic tile floors throughout so anything that will keep this screen from getting damaged is needed. We bought a case but that can only do so much and no protection when he's actually paying with it. The screen protevtor went on easily enough, and has a nice fit. It doesn't alter playing time at all and he barely notices a difference. Overall a great purchase and great idea to have.
Our switch is loved and that means it is carried everywhere. They take it in the car. The backyard. They even sneak it to bed. Then they fall asleep and it falls on the floor. Switch’s are not cheap and I stared to get nervous after the controller had to be replaced that maybe the screen would be damaged. I decided to put a protector on it as I would my phone. I decided on these because you get three. They are nice and go on easy and if they get worn or broken I have two more. This is a must have for every Switch owner.

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