[2021 Upgraded Version] Wireless Controller for Switch,KUTIME Professional Controller Remote Gamepad Joypad Joystick for Switch Console (Newest Stock), 28.99, 35.99, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; ✅Connection Steps:1.Fully charged first 2.Open the switch console, 3.click "Controllers", 4. click "Change Grip/Order‘’,5. Hold the "B" button then hold the "Home" button and Don't let it go. Then you will see the LED light flashing...

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This controller is great. It is light in weight, easy to hold, has great grip on the sides and overall is just as good as the the Nintendo Pro Controller. The Pro Controller feels a little more balanced and proportionate, but a minor complaint. I have included a picture of it being held in my 11 year old sons hands for size reference. It also fits in my hands nicely. 10/10, no complaints.
These controllers work very well. I tried syncing it with the switch, wich went really seamless, and I tried it in cable mode for my PC, which worked seamlessly.The weight and ergonomics mimic those of other controllers from Nintendo, Sony, and MS. It felt god to hold, and I did not feel any fatigue after a good couple of matches playing Rocket League and Division 2. The buttons have a good tactile feel, and while the analog sticks felt good, it was not as good as the XB1 in terms of accuracy, at least for Division 2, but it worked well for Rocket League.Turbo function is useful for some games (shooters), and the rumble feature feels pretty good.Power wise, so far so good, I just have a habit of plugging in after I play, so I have not been able to see how long the batteries will last, but the most I've played so far is 1 hour or so.All in all, it's a good alternative controller, at a good price. It works with PC, Android, and PS3 on top of the Switch, so you're getting a good value if you game on these other systems on the regular.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This is a great alternative for less than half of the cost of the original Nintendo Pro controller. It feels nice in regards to grip and comfort, see my short video for comparison in size and button positions between the pro and this alternative here. Since it’s a Bluetooth controller you can also connect it to other devices such as android or PS3, or it can be used as a wired USB controller. It’s easy to connect it to your device, including the Switch, which is what I use it for, with simple instructions from the users manual. I’ve been using it for less than a month and it holds the battery charge just like the pro controller. I may create an addendum review as time goes by with updates. It has a rumble feature, and the rumble motor settings can be adjusted. I highly recommend this product.

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