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JamesManningTake76 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 12:50:56 from     

hoooyaaaa… this movie is the s*** .. I saw it online at Awesome Free Movies . net – enjoy!

goitsfree Says, in 2-5-2010 at 13:27:00 from     

Check it out, watch it online for free

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ClubStephenKromer Says, in 2-5-2010 at 14:09:33 from     

Hi guys .. just watched the full movie on a website called Super Movie Share . info .. 5 stars

goitsfree Says, in 2-5-2010 at 15:01:24 from     

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imabigfatnerd4life Says, in 2-5-2010 at 15:40:30 from     

Best movie of 2009 (well, almost). just watched the entire movie here : Movie Leg [DOT] C0M

ClubArchieWilkes Says, in 2-5-2010 at 15:42:30 from     

Best movie of 2009 (well, almost) … Super Movie Share . info has it.

dustyKamienski337 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 16:22:36 from     

I think you can download r th1s m0v!ie @ MOOV ZON . COM
Google the above link

HectortheTrojan2 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 16:57:56 from     

People, do not watch this movie alone! This movie is certified scary! Have someone watch it with you….Just in case.
if you want to see it, i found a site earlia where i watched it: Free_Bie_Films. c0m no _

TashyaHolder32050 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 17:07:34 from     

mind blowing !! What a great movie! should watch these movies in high quality streaming, just got to see this movie for free! @t MOVIEPRINCESS [ DOTT ] COM

Extenderblade Says, in 2-5-2010 at 17:43:23 from     


sk8dude1006 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 18:08:05 from     

@Extenderblade Everybody Wants Some by Van Halen

Extenderblade Says, in 2-5-2010 at 18:56:19 from     

whats the song at 1:45?

andysusa Says, in 2-5-2010 at 19:14:01 from     

@clarahollowell13 no joke man they invented torrents

maywez Says, in 2-5-2010 at 19:57:59 from     

Great movie, I love it!
It´s so unlike the others.

rkpklklk Says, in 2-5-2010 at 20:53:46 from     

awsome email me Love Lauren Kay.

Luciennegheens Says, in 2-5-2010 at 21:18:00 from     

the m0v!ie – you can watch it for free online q @ MOOV ZON ,COM
g00gle the link above

TheStreamingmovies Says, in 2-5-2010 at 22:03:00 from     

anyone who hasent watched this watch it now


famestars500 Says, in 2-5-2010 at 22:22:27 from     

This movie is so awesome

MrRuifa Says, in 2-5-2010 at 22:55:38 from     

well you have to watched full this movie, so you wont miss your? comment. I watched this movie for fr33 at Freemoviezone. n e t

xx1Upiordliw1yxx Says, in 2-5-2010 at 23:14:51 from     

thegrunt1851 i’ll vote for pretending to be a zombie cause if u stay on top of a house/building they will eventually get u

ASDownloads Says, in 2-5-2010 at 23:32:13 from     

i love this movie omg its super good watching it now here watchscarymovie. Co m

lindsaylaydenna Says, in 2-5-2010 at 23:46:10 from     

This was such a great movie ! I’ve seen it 3 times by now, see it on Full movies watch. $com$ !

thegrunt1851 Says, in 2-6-2010 at 00:14:58 from     

whats safer staying on a top of a bulding or pertending to be a zombie

dopeberry1 Says, in 2-6-2010 at 00:33:35 from     

i had Night mares of dat movie

sicow1 Says, in 2-6-2010 at 01:01:29 from     

she said leave zombie survival secrets not website advertisements

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